Bloke here interested to know if any women out there are using POF...

Signed up for POF in January, and I have sent about 30 messages, and I only got one response. The girl who replied wanted to see a photo which I had attached to the message, but she said she couldn't see it. You can see where this is going... I sent her the photo, and never heard from her again.

I put a lot of work into my profile, and I found a photo which is a fair representation of me. I'm not a complete troll... I didn't send any of the 'hi how are you?' messages. It's pretty disheartening...

I tried Parship 2 years ago and went on about 7 dates over the course of about a year. Some really nice people, but I had very little in common with most people I met, and some really bizarre dates. It was pretty expensive though at €30 a month. I could have joined the local gym for that, and got rid of the soon-to-be-paunch.


Hi there,

The Ladies Lounge is not for polling for opinions from women on anything, including internet dating sites or the best way to post your profile....though you may find some past discussions on this forum worth a read:

or even

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