spadesaspade Registered User

Anyone know where in Waterford or surroounding area i can get cheap pebbles for my 300litre. All the shops have them for €30 per bag and i would need about 4 bags. Already so expensive and i havent even started

karl tyrrell Registered User

free on the beach

Limerick Bandit Registered User

karl tyrrell said:
free on the beach

and illegal to take them

you will get them in the garden section of the local hardware store fairly cheap

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Cookie_Monster Registered User

yeah, it's illegal to take stuff from the beach so don't do this. Aside from that they'd be covered in salt and would need a lot of washing...

If you happen to be up in Dublin at all I've a bag / bag and a half of small black and white pebbles going spare.
The ones in this photo, I've replaced them with sand.

spadesaspade Registered User

hey thanks for the offer cookie monster, appreciate it but wont be up in dublin for a while.

i think i will try the garden centre and see if i can get some there

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