krissovo Registered User

Ok there is a wild bird has just got stuck in my chimney flue and its obviously distressed. I can hear it trying to fly out and also panic calling. The flue is attached to moreso sealed stove and the flue has no obvious cleaning access.

Is there any animal rescue I can call to help get this bird out safely?

Graces7 Registered User

I had this last week... This is a woodburner stove with a door..

Wee dog heard it first; I thought it was a rat!!!

I opened the door and lit fire and the bird flew out.

It had sounded as if it was in the flue but then obviously dropped down.

I caught it - a starling - and it was filthy but fine.

Does your stove have a door like that?

krissovo Registered User

It has a door but there is kind of a baffle between the stove and the flue.

ppink Registered User

we had this before too and we had to dismantle the fire to get the bird out.....a starling too.
then we fitted cowls to the chimneys.

I am not sure of an rescue able to do this. maybe give your local one a call and ask.

just thought......... the nature forum might be the place to ask this query


sounds like you need a tradesman in to dismantle the stove, if there's no way you can do it yourself.

spur Registered User

We had a slightly different issue like this a few years back, where a bird got stuck behind the kitchen units - not a clue how he got in there, but we could hear all the chirping. We contacted local vets etc until eventually someone put us onto a park ranger! He came along and located the bird (a baby blackbird) - but he did it with lights and mirrors - no way would we have been able to do it.

I don't have contact details or anything like that, but this was in East Cork/West Waterford area - feeling the ranger might have been in Waterford area.

All we did was keep ringing different people until someone was able to help - as we hadn't a clue what to do.

krissovo Registered User

I have tried a few vets now, looks like my stove needs to be dismantled which is a pain as its plumbed in for the central heating. On to the stove supplier now as the bird is obviously in distress and getting weaker

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