Ryan_G Registered User

Hola, I got a 2004 Honda NSR80 recently, but i need to get new fairings for it, even second hand ones in good nick would do. But i cant seem to find any, new or used, ive been lookin 4 weeks now, and thought ive give this a go. Any advice at all would be appreciated.

Cheers in advance

DubDubStep Registered User

hmmm if you can't find it on ebay, call the source and buy new parts.
And if that doesn't work, find people selling these motorbikes, and call them.
It took me 50 seconds to find Honda SNR offeres in Ireland. Call owners, maybe some of them will sell fairings or will know where you can get it.
Good luck.

Mikesverdict Registered User

Hey I have alot of experience dealing with nsr 80s. if your looking for any advice post a comment on my blog -http://nsr80.blogspot.com/. I'm from Cork and am happy to help anyone out.

In reply to your question, you should have a look around locally in papers and ask at school. My little brother wrecked his fairings but was lucky enough to find someone at school with an nsr80 with a blown engine. fairings were almost perfect and got the whole bike for 120 euro. SOME DEAL! This way he got fairings and other spare parts. like you will have to pay 280euro to get new ones online. Its worth your while to look around.

Ryan_G Registered User

Cheers for yer input lads, I had a good look around, and i can order in new ones, but yeah they are pricey, and theres a fair few people in the area lookin for them aswell, but none around at the moment. Js gonna have to keep an eye out for sometin to pop up.

JohnnyCrash Registered User

Patsbikeparts.com has an nsr 80 just up for breaking. Think hes in Cork. You'll find him on Facebook-picture and details there.

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