Jackie Earle Haley's joined the cast, playing 'Maddox' who gives Robocop military training. Jay Baruchel is apparently close to joining as well

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paddy kerins said:
Jackie Earle Haley's joined the cast, playing 'Maddox' who gives Robocop military training. Jay Baruchel is apparently close to joining as well

Jay Baruchel? I presume they're giving him a comic relief side-kick then, a Rob Schneider to Robocop's Judge Dredd?

Duggy747 Registered User

Was just thinking of Robocop 2 and while it was flawed and nowhere near as good as the 1st, the stop-animation was superb in it.

Going from their new Ed-209 design, it'll be interesting where they'll be going with the film considering the original robot was a satire on American design (Completely bulky with useless bits stuck on him for show)

Not found of Jay Baruchel, he does actually remind me of Rob Schneider 2.0


Baruchel is clearly going to play Cecil the clerk.

DirkVoodoo Registered User

I kept expecting someone to shout "there the wrong trousers Grommit!" in that clip, but still looks good all the same. I actually enjoyed Robocop 2 when it first came out.

Kylo Ren Registered User

Jesus Christ that is terrible. Hope it's a fake.


It is, don't worry

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Marty McFly Registered User

paddy kerins said:
It is, don't worry

Thank fook for that if that was real I would have lost all hope .


Didn't they say the visor would be see through? There's your reasoning, it's fake.

ancapailldorcha Moderator

Oh dear God that's awful. Enough to put me off seeing it unless they release a really good trailer.

Goldstein Registered User

With the knowledge that José Padilha's directing it, Robocop could look like this and I'd still be going.

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CyberGhost Registered User

You know why movies suck nowadays?

It's cause they don't have scenes like this anymore...

They either have a PG-13 rating and a story, or if they get an R rating they think "must just aswell go full on" and go overboard with the gore.

The 80s had great, simple stories(nowadays every action movie is a spy thriller with a twist), great acting, charisma, cheese and a tasteful amount of gore in them.

And it really showed that everyone just put their love into the movie to make it as good as they could, it showed that the directors were young and amateur, not knowing exactly what they are doing, but still very talented and wanted to make something good and were willing to experiment and try new ideas.

Nowadays you get a bunch of know-it-all executives sitting around discussing which audience should they target for maximum profit, it's a factory, a conveier... "hmm, yes Bill, we need to make it a PG-13, teenagers like cars and girls right? We need to have that too, but not too much skin cause we might hit that R, also what were the memorable quotes and phrases from the first movie? Let's put those in, the audience will love it."

Movie making maybe more streamlined and "professional" nowadays, but they took all the spirit out of movies, no risk taking at all.

Also they are gutless! They put a woman in that travesty of a remake of The Thing not because of the story and necessity, no, they put her there cause they wanted to be PC about it and were afraid of the backlash from some feminist group.

This movie will suck, The Thing remake sucks, Total Recall remake sucks, the whole Hollywood sucks!

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krudler Registered User

^ this really, moviemaking by committee is way to prevalent in Hollywood these days, too many markets, key demographics, maximised market awareness blah blah blah, action movies have no soul anymore.


Watched Robocop for the first time in ages on Friday and I forgot just how good it is! Tried to watch the sequel though and turned it off after about 20 minutes.

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