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Hey, I've been wondering about this for quite sometime and can't seem to dredge up any info on it through my own contacts/poking around newry.

I'm currently learning the kanji and would be interested in studying as part of a group (with or without a teacher, so if you are in the same boat, and would like to meet up in the library or sumthin for an hour or two per week, it might be a plan )

my conversation skills are next to non-existent japanese wise at the moment, but thanks to some basic study using rosetta stone and hundreds of hours of japanese movies/etc, I can understand the gist of most sentences.

even if you ain't interested, would love to hear from other people attempting to study it also.

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Yeah, Ive been looking to learn japanese for a while now, but cant find anything in newry either which kinda sucks cos I'm hoping to possibly live there when I'm older.

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yeah I'm hoping to get into the translation industry when I'm older. I hear a lot of japanese companies pay well for it, as, unlike jap => eng,
there are few native english speakers that translate eng => jap. I also do like the idea of moving there, but i'l see how it goes with lessons first lol.

so far Ive bought Remembering the Kanji vol 1,2 & 3 [ costs ~£100, but you can get the set 2nd hand, which is what I did, and saved a bundle ]

am also looking at , but finding it hard to involve more japanese in my daily routine...

will be studying in the library upstairs on friday methinks.

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yeah well i've never been able to really start learning yet, but due to Newry not having any classes as far as I have seen, there has been no help or resources to get me started on learning.

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silly me forgot that library is being renovated.

oh well. is the best free resource Ive seen.

goes hand in hand with :

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If you are really serious about learning the language and are not a time waster, I can arrange lessons by Skype . With a once monthly coffee meeting in Dundalk .

The teacher is Japanese female aged 47 and licenced to teach beginner to advanced. Fees for lessons are 10 Euro per hour, payed by PayPal . PM to get started.

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I don't know if thats the sort of format I would be looking for to be honest. I will give it some thought however. I'm already taking lessons for something else via skype, but its a totally dif format.

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I was just wondering if you guys even know of full time courses that give a qualification at th end? all i see are evening classes that are "introductory" which means all you get is a bit of vocab but no long term lessons or qualifications or certs in the end. Im hoping to get employment as a translator perhaps or just constant lessons that are more frequent than a one night a week pocket robber. Thanks

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