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Hi there,

If anyone here's working in or living near the Orchard Road Industrial Estate in Strabane, would you please look out for a stray tabby and white cat called Henry Kelly?

Henry was about to have an operation at Parkview Veterinary Clinic in the Industrial Estate on Thursday 24th February, when he escaped from his cage and ran into the densely wooded waste land beside the vets. I've searched for him every day since then but without success. I live in Ballybofey, so it's quite a distance to travel but if I find him, it's worth it.

Henry's a big boy, very timid and quite wary of strangers, especially men. If anyone spots him, could they either contact me <snip>, or even deliver him to the vets. Henry's not cross and wouldn't bite or scratch.

Many thanks,




I hope Henry is found soon.

I've snipped out your personal details as you may get all sorts of unwanted contact from people who stumble across your thread. There is a Private Message function here and I would urge anyone with any information on Henry's whereabouts to use that facility to contact you via PM, or of course drop him off at the vet's.

There's also a missing pet thread over here in the Animal & Pet Issues forum and it might be worth putting Henry's details up there too in case anyone spots him.

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Bit of a long shot but i seen a tabby yesterday on Railway Road at the old church just beside Mark James.
As far as i remember it was tabby at the rear and mostly white on the forlegs and head area, do you have a picture?

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