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Hi folks,would anyone be able to clarify what the best time of the year is to prune a cherry blossom tree.Some info I have read says do it in winter and other info says do it in the summer after all the pink flowers have fallen off so I am a bit confused at the minute!


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I am talking a bit off the top of my head here, but I was under the impression you should not prune 'cherries'/prunus because it allowed disease to get into the tree. Maybe it depends on the variety?

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Don't know about that? My two trees look like standard cherry blossom but the branches could do with being cut back.?!/! not really sure wot to do,maybe I should leave them despite them impinging on next door etc...

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Maybe someone will come along with some more knowledgeable info, but maybe check in a garden centre for something you could paint on the cut to keep disease out?

I did cut all the branches off a small rubbish prunus and dug it up, it was thrown in a corner of the garden and the dratted thing is still growing two years later...

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I pruned my two cherry trees a few years ago in winter time (this is the best time). they were quite big (15-20 ft) and i took about 6 ft off them. They have come back better than ever. My advice would be to leave it until next winter. i have seen cherries being pruned in spring time but you would be taking a risk.. for example 2 years ago i saw 3 big cherries being cut back in my housing esate..2 of the cherries had no bloom that year,but came back fine since then and the other one died and had to be cut down..
so all in all november-january and you cant go wrong!

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