DavidKay Registered User

hi any help would be appreciated, changed to SkyHD a few months ago but kept old box for later multiroom viewing rang Sky and they wanted 100 E for insallation, told them I would look after it and they said they would just send me out the card. Set up the cable from dish to box yesterday connected to tv via AV1 using scart, I seem to be able to get free to air channels but can only get sound!! What am I doing wrong??

MacGyver Registered User

check the scart cable is pushed in fully on both ends and see if that works, if not maybe use a coax cable and tune in the sky box by that and check settings. it may be on an unsupported output for your tv.

its usually tuned in on channel 68 i think but that may be changed

Avns1s Registered User

Try a different scart lead and then the RF outlet and see what you have.

DavidKay Registered User

Thanks guys will try all of this

thayes Registered User

Hi I have the same issue with a sky box that was used in Poland, sound and no picture. I have tried connecting the box via aerial, but no joy yet. Did you have any luck?

watty Registered User

Try different SCART.

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DavidKay Registered User

Thanks everyone, the change of scart lead did the trick, sorry for the delay in follow up, there seem to be spare leads everywhere in the house till you need one!!! Thanks again

thayes Registered User

Hi, I have been using the same scart lead with the same scart lead. But I'll test tomorrow night. Thanks.

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