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I have my hair a permanent black colour but I'm getting sick of it. I'm thinking of using colour b4, then putting a medium brown on after. has anyone dyed their hair straight after colour b4?

I don't want to leave it a few days if possible, cos I'm likely to have quite a few greys in my natural colour, and want to go out tonight! Can't have greys on show.

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I think they recommend using a wash in colour to cover the grey hair and not dying it straight away as it will go back to the way it was. There should be a few threads about colour b4 here so maybe have a read through those or if you are on facebook scott has a page that gives great advice.

If you are going out tonight it might not be the best thing to do just incase it goes wrong, id leave it until tomorrow

moco Registered User

I've got the colour B4 on now I can see it starting to work already. I got a nice n easy 6 wash colour to put on over the colour B4. Hope it works out ok!

God it smells like rotten eggs though.

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I've heard the smell is bad but it will be worth it if it works im dying (LOL) to try it myself but i think i might be completely grey if all the dye was gone scary thought

Post some pictures when you have it done

viv2 Registered User

How did it turn out ???

moco Registered User

viv2 said:
How did it turn out ???

The lengths of my hair are still very dark, just a couple of shades above black, and the top is a light brown orangey colour

Not exactly what I was hoping for! The nice n easy colour didn't do any harm though, it was an ash brown, so proobably helped tone down the orange a bit.

I've been dying my hair permanent black for about a year though, so I suppose I couldn't expect miracles.

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I've been dying my hair black for years too, I used the colour b4, left it for a day and then used another box and nearly all the black came out!

moco Registered User

The second time you used it, did you just put it on the lengths of your hair, or all over? Did the top of your hair turn out lighter?

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Massive thread here for you to read through!

Mine went orange as well, and I left it without dye for a few days as i wasn't going anywhere, and it toned down a little.

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moco said:
The second time you used it, did you just put it on the lengths of your hair, or all over? Did the top of your hair turn out lighter?

I put it all over but It wasn't necessary really because I didn't have much build up on the tops, After the first box my hair was really really light on the top but it gradually got darker. After the 2 boxes I left it for another few days and put in a red and I managed to go from black which i'd had for 10 years to an auburn but then after all that effort I went back to black cos I missed it too much!

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