sarahisainmdom Registered User

Is it possible to apply through UCAS at this stage?

This is all I found on the UCAS website:

How To Apply

Important Dates

I'm still kind of confused...

Is there anything I need to know about applying late?

How exactly do I go about it?

PS: I want to apply for Robert Gordon University (Aberdeen) - I've heard good things.
One of the courses I'm interested in requires a portfolio, incase that makes a difference to applying.

LilMissCiara Registered User

I presume that you're interested in a art course or something similar?

If so your link answers your question.

24 March 2011
Application deadline for the receipt at UCAS of applications for art and design courses except those listed with a 15 January deadline. Go to Course Search to check application deadlines for courses.

If not, your link also answers your question.
30 June 2011
If an applicant sends their application to us by this date, we will send it to their chosen universities and colleges. If we receive their application after this date, it will be entered into Clearing. More about Clearing

sarahisainmdom Registered User

Architecture actually. Ok thanks for that.

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