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We have been approached by a number of regular posters asking whether they could advertise their services as bike mechanics in the cycling adverts sub-forum. To date we have not allowed any such thread on the basis it would be considered commercial advertising

We have reviewed our policy on this, and will now allow such adverts in limited circumstances:

All adverts must be placed in this thread - anyone starting a separate thread to advertise such services will have the thread deleted and may be banned from the sub-forum

Single adverts only - once you have placed your ad, you cannot place another one in this thread. We will amend or delete existing posts on request

What to include in your ad:

Include your location, experience and a brief summary of services you offer (in particular any specialisms).

Do not include telephone numbers, e-mail addresses or links to other sites. All contact with potential customers must be conducted via PM in the first place (when further contact details can then be exchanged)

We will allow posts from regular contributors to the forum. However please do not register simply to place an ad. Similarly if you are an infrequent poster we are unlikely to allow your ad. No ads from shops will be allowed. This is basically a service to allow boardsies who may dabble in this area to offer their services to other boardsies - it's not a place to advertise your full-time business.

Boards has no control over the individuals who offer their services here, and accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the quality of workmanship.

We reserve the right to remove the ads of anyone we consider may be abusing this service, or if we receive complaints about particular advertisers (in the context of the services they offer here). We may also amend any ads as appropriate to comply with these rules

This thread will basically be first-come, first served in terms of the order in which individual posts appear

For anyone responding to an advert, PM the poster - do not respond in this thread and do not provide any in-thread feedback. You can, if you wish, press the thanks button to show your appreciation of any service received from a particular advertiser.

Other than as stated above, normal cycling adverts sub-forum rules apply. Any questions, please PM the mods.

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steinone Registered User

Based in Dublin 7
Two years of professional experience and much more non professional.
I'm recommended by anyone from City Cycles, Karma and many more who I could put you in contact with.
I specialise in fixed gear stuff, fiddly bits especially old parts and groupsets, wheel building, full bike refurbishments and much more.
If I cant do I have contacts that can, full sus bits, steel frame repairs, powdercoating and much more.

Contact me via pm and I'll be available every afternoon.

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CillianL Registered User

Bicycle Mechanic and Engineering Student based in Dublin 3 (Marino)

Services offered are servicing, wheel truing, wheel building and bike rebuilds with road bikes a specialty, though I will also work with all other bikes.

I have over two years experience as a mechanic having worked in Decathlon, Rothar Phibsboro and Little Sport Fairview, as well as having done jobs for neighbours/friends etc. In October 2011 I also organised and ran the St.Josephs CBS Fairview bike club in which I taught sixth class students rudimentary bike repair, and was a great success.

I'm also a member of Dublin Wheelers cycling club racing category 4 and I built my current racing bike from the frame up last winter.

Contact me by PM and I'm available full time at present

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Chuchote Registered User

Very expensive, €750 to €800, but Rothar are running a City & Guilds certification professional bike mechanic course.

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