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hi all,
got the same problem with my boiler,
keeping locking out and need to press reset ,
the plumber came and had a look and told me need to change the board,
he says there a new board that replace the old board from potterton boilers,
(boiler about 2001 year - had not serviced it - oops)

but he says it will cost €450,

is that how much the new potterton board costs????
anyone know??

or is he ripping me off??

will i be better to get a new boiler?? the efficient one??



Potterton was taken over by baxi a few years ago ,the PCB was redesigned and comes with it's own loom for all the electrical parts in the boiler.
All other Boards in boilers ,you just get the basic card.

That's what makes the suprima board so expensive ,the boiler is essentially rewired completely.

P.S. Not sure what the board costs.

Edit : If it was me ,I'd go for a new boiler. No matter what boiler you own ,all parts start to fail after ten years.

JohnnieK Registered User

The PCB is about €300 if my memory is correct, but it's a pain in the arse to rewire it. How old is it. If you have the money change the boiler and get rid of the Pottorton junk.

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