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As promised:

To make your own skin you can go for one of two options:


  • Grab this template:
  • http://img690.imageshack.us/img690/4471/minecraftskintemplate.png
  • Open it up in a editor and work away
  • Do remember though that the template has been blown up so the file you save needs to end up as a 64x32 .png image

For size referance, the default image looks like this:

Use Skin Edit:

  • Download this program (mods, let me know if its wrong to link to downloads)

  • It will then give you an interface like this to work with:

Now that you've made your skin, all you have to do is upload it!

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Gonna bump this as I'm trying my hand at one now

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--LOS-- =^.^=


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If your looking for a great skin editor, this is pretty good:


It also allows you "borrow" other peoples MC skins

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