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Hi All,
I intend to install a Hercules solid fuel stove with a back boiler in my kitchen of my two storey house .Problem is I don’t have a chimney . I am looking at two options .

Option 1: Get a new chimney built in the kitchen

Option 2: on one of the walls that splits the kitchen from the sitting room there is a chimney with an open fire for the sitting room. What I was wondering is it possible to remove the clay flues of this chimney and install two separate stainless steel flues in place of the single clay flue .then I could use one of the stainless steel flues for the kitchen and the other for the sitting room .

would be great if anyone has any advice on this


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To re-line and run two flues is more than likely not going to be possible due to the diameter of pipe required for each fire.
To my knowledge, the best option would be to run a twin-walled flue pipe from the stove either straight up and out through the roof or if you can put the stove on/near an outside wall have flue pipe running up the the height of the room before going through the outside wall and up past the gutter. Running the flue pipe up in the room will also give more heat into the room. Id imagine this would be much easier than building a chimney. As far as I know the flue outside has to go both vertically 0.6 metres minimum past the gutter and 2.4 metres horizontally from the top of the flue to the roof.

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Hi Dave,

Thanks for taking the time to reply. Thanks for the info , was thinking it wouldnt be possible to put the two stainless steel flues in the existing single chimney , would have been great it it had worked .

i am not really liking the idea of a stainless steel flue exiting on the roof .we get pricing on both options and see how it works out .

Thanks for your Reply

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