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Hello, I'm looking for some constructive critisism to improve my workout routine. Have been meaning to do this for a while as I'm always lurking here! Im 28, 90KG and my goals are size and strength. I'm training very cosistantly since August 2009 and results have been very positive, but I feel there is definitly room for improvement in this program.

I train at home, where I have access to a bench, free weights, barbell, dumbells, Kettlebells, and a home made squat rack/dip station. Training is usualy Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. So time to grow in between.

I'l add that this program is one I designed myself, just from gathering information from books, boards, and whatever information I pick up from other people, so its probably full of holes! For example, I feel like I'm currently not doing enough shoulder and leg work. What I do like about it is its simple and straight forward, easy to follow.

What I like to do is, after three, sometimes four weeks of doing these lifts, is to do a week of just Kettlebell excercises. I find it really shakes things up!

The program...

Day 1

Deadlift 5 sets x 6 reps
Shoulder Press 5x6
DB Row 5x6
PullUps 5x6

Day 2

Squats 5x6
Kettle Bell (swings 20x each arm, Snatch and Jerk 15xEA, Jerk 15xEA)
Lunges 5x12
Chinups 5x6

Day 3

Bench Press 5x6
Dips (weighted) 5x6
Pushups (weighted) 5x10
Skull Crushers 5x8

Day 4

Dips 5x6
DB Curls 5x6
Shoulder Press 5x6
BB Curls 5x6

So thats it, if you see something there that you dont agree with, or there is something I'm completely missing, please let me know. Or if you think "why the Hell is he following excercise X excercise Y?" answer is probably, I dont know why! But feel free to tell! Do you think this is not enough? Should I be doing more?

All comments are welcome and thank you for taking the time to help!

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