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Recently bought 'Lasting Finish by Kate' lipstick from Rimmel. Got it in colour 08 Rossetto. I find this really good. Although it is quite moisturizing it also has great staying power. Lasts quite a long time without having a matt or heavy appearance.

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Soap and Glory Thick & Fast mascara.. really impressed with this! I usually use Benefit Theyre Real but this is just as good for a tenner less

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Picked up soap and glory lipstick on naked beige on Friday and I really like it I rarely wear lipstick as a lot of colours don't suit me but this is nice

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Oh and I also spent my boots points on two more Barry m nail polishes - pink flamingo and indigo

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I got the Soap and Glory mascara free with Elle and I really like it. I have dark eyelashes anyway but it is not clumpy, doesn't irritate my eyes and best of all, doesn't come off and give me panda eyes.

It was still in place after a long day involving an emotional family party and a long walk along the Prom.

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Ok, was dying to come on and show you why i am in love with Benefits They're Real mascara. I posted after xmas saying it was great but id give it a good test run (now at week 7 or so) and its still amazing.

So, i was doing my eye makeup on saturday and took some before and after pics. I would hardly ever give a product 10/10 but i cant praise this mascara enough Im dreading when this runs out as its around €25 in the shop, double what id spend normally.

my left,before mascara my right with mascara

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Love Benefit's they're real as well - was gonna get the soap and glory mascara with Elle but read some bad reviews so reckoned Id just save my pennies. Tempted to now though with the good reviews above!

I picked up the Avon super shock gel eyeliner pencils over the weekend - brilliant pigmentation. I find it difficult to draw a thin line though as the tip is quite soft due to the gel texture. They're only €4 in this months catalouge so brilliant value.

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anniehoo said:
Ok, was dying to come on and show you why i am in love with Benefits They're Real mascara. I posted after xmas saying it was great but id give it a good test run (now at week 7 or so) and its still amazing.

I think I'll be getting this one next even though it's a good tenner more than what I'd normally spend...I got a MAC one most recently but I used to love Benefit, and now I see why. Thanks for the before and after, looks brilliant! I can't believe the difference!

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Hi all,

Had a bit of a splurge yesterday in Boots, well only a small one!

I got the Boots essentials toner (the blue one) I use this religiously, find it really good for the price.

There was a special on Schwarzkopf got2b products- 2 for 6euro. So I picked up the Rockin' it dry shampoo which I used this morning and have to say is really good. It goes on invisible and my hair is so soft and silky after using it and it smells lovely- kind of like peaches or pears-really nice. I also got the Powder'ful volumising powder which I'm yet to try out, but I'll let you know what I think once I've used it.

I also got the Boots exfoliating skin sponge- it really does exfoliate your skin but ouch is it rough, I imagine it would be very easy to use it too hard and mark your skin! I definitely wouldn't use it everyday, its a bit like a scouring pad but saying that I do like it!

I saw Amor Amor perfume (30mls) for 19euro in Boots but when I went into Unicare pharmacy it was only 13euro so I picked it up there. Its a lovely fresh floral scent, will be really nice for spring!

Last week I tried out softsole exfoliating foot peel. Its really easy to use and has worked so far but it seems to have slowed down working a lot but there is still a lot of cracked skin left. I used it last Sunday so thats only a week ago and it says it can continue working up to two weeks so we'll see what happens.I'm a bit dubious about it doing any further work as the peeling has nearly completely stopped and I find it hard to believe it'll pick up again but we'll see!

anniehoo Registered User

mysteries1984 said:
I can't believe the difference!

I know, everytime i use it...which is everyday because im now addicted i cant believe it either. I really should just wear it on sat nights as its so dramatic but am hooked. Also, its more vibrant in real life but on my eyelids i have the bronzey colour in the Essence Ballerina range which lasts really well.

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double post! Mods can you delete please? Thanks

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anniehoo said:
I know, everytime i use it...which is everyday because im now addicted i cant believe it either. I really should just wear it on sat nights as its so dramatic but am hooked. Also, its more vibrant in real life but on my eyelids i have the bronzey colour in the Essence Ballerina range which lasts really well.

Quality mascara and cheap but good make up? You're spoiling us

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I got the new Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in colour Tutti Frutti from my friend in the USA as it wont be out here until May

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Little review of all the things (off top of my head) that I've bought recently...

Rimmel lasting finish lipstick by Kate Moss - shade 1 (red)
Just bought this today and put it on when I got home, so have been wearing it for a few hours, had dinner etc. It's my first red lipstick and its very red! firetruck red! Nice feeling when its on, good moisture but also lots of staying power, not sure if the other colours in the collection would stay on as long, red always seems to last ages but either way its still on now.

MAC Face and Body Foundation (C1)
Really like this. A year ago I was using Estee Lauder double wear (shell), then MAC studio fix liquid (NC20), now this, so it's quite a big change. Its lovely and light, kind of tacky when you put it on, I was told to put it on with my fingers not my MAC 187 brush as it gives better coverage (need to kind of 'pat' it into your skin). Stays well all day, I do get a shiny nose that I need to top up with MSFN a few times in the day. It gives a very light coverage but Its quite nice for daytime in college. I feel I can look very tired with it sometimes though.

MAC Lipstick in Blankety
I have loads of MAC lipsticks at this stage. I like this one, nice muted brownish toned one. Nice colour payoff. Like most MAC lipsticks doesn't last overly long.

Lancome Hypnose Mascara
Bought this over christmas after reading about the little boxset available in Arnotts for €25 (mascara, eye makeup remover and eyeliner). Haven't used either of the 'freebies' tbh, they're at the bottom of my makeup bag somewhere. As for the mascara, my eyelashes are naturally long and full-ish, but blonde tipped, so any clumps in mascaras show up allot. Wasn't overly impressed with it tbh. Left me quite spider-legged I usually use L'oreal Millionise which I love, but also rooted out the Essence falsh lashes one (green tube, not pink) and I love it!

No7 Eyebrow Pencil
Got the brown/black one of these, tbh anyone with black hair/eyebrows would be out of luck with this one as it is quite light. Don't like it at all. Very hard and too pencil like. I prefer creamier ones like the MAC one, found no7 one too hard.

LUSH Lip Scrub - Bubblegum
This works well for removing dead skin from lips, of which I get allot in winter, but my god the smell/taste! Its revolting! Try to use it as sparsely as possible

Elizabeth Arden 8hour Lip Balm
This is fine, not the best at all considering the price (£20stg). Its grand to put on under lipstick but not if you suffer badly from chapped lips. I usually use Blistex Relief Cream (which I love).

Naked 2
I also have the first Naked pallet. Its lovely, another set of browns. Much prefer the original pallet as the colours seem allot more thought out and matched. Naked 2 seems a little mis-matched, also lacking in darker colours. Still a great set though.

Bojours Khol Eyeliner - Brun
Really like this, lovely brown shade as I find black too harsh for daytime. Very good colour payoff and staying power

Bojours Bronzer
Had this before, really like it for contouring during day, nice and light but can be built up. It also smells yummy !

BaByliss Thermo Ceramic Heated Rollers
These ones :
I wanted these purely for volume/style (Kim Krdashian hair ), but these give very curly hair. My hair is very curly naturally so didn't like these at all. Might be good for anyone with naturally straight or maybe quite thin hair. Mine is thick and curly naturally, and the roller curls fell out after an hour or two (I had just blowdried my hair straight before using them).

Acrylic Nails (done in J Nails on Capel St)
Got these done today (full set white tips for €35). Love them! Had gotten gel nails before but much prefer the acrylic and how he did them, as on these the acrylic tips make the white bit, not painted on like I had with gel. Will definitely go back and would recommend to anyone

Eyebrow Threading - Body Shop Grafton St
Horrible experience. I got my eyebrows done in there two weeks ago. Now my eyebrows are in bad enough shape anyways,(long hairs instead of nice shapely short ones) but when I got them done they were a mess! Just thinned out, uneven, the "arch" was more a "step" if that makes sense, basically the same as before but thinner, which I didn't want. I specifically said I wanted neater. II also had to specifically ask her to trim the hairs, anywhere else I've gotten my brows done they've done this without being asked (my eyebrows are v long ). Ended up going into MAC and getting them filled in with pencil, the makeup artist said they were so bad I should go get a refund so I did.

Can't think of anything else but I'm sure there's more..

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Shame that the rollers didn't work out for you! I have curly hair and find them a god send! If you're into trying them again, check out this video. It helped my get the long curly blow dry style. I put hairspray in when they're all rolled up and I leave them in until long after they've gone cold. When the rollers come out you need to lightly comb them out with a wide tooth comb, until about half way down.

Maybe blow drying your hair made it too silky, causing them to fall out?

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