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Delighted to offer a 120 Gb Sony PS3, with two controllers and game as a prize from Magnet Web TV

Irish broadband provider, Magnet Networks, has launched a free web-based live TV service with Twitter and Facebook integration, making it a first for people in Ireland.

Available at http://www.magnetwebtv.ie, the no-strings-attached service offers live streaming of five Irish channels for free, regardless of provider.

As long as you have a 1Mbit broadband connection all you have to do is to log on to magnetwebtv.ie and register to watch RTE1, Network 2, TV3, TG4 and 3e live from any web browser.

No TV license fees, no cable subscription, no contract, no monthly subscription fee and no software downloads.

From the same web page, users also have the option of running their Twitter and Facebook feeds to comment, tweet and watch updates alongside their TV stream. Similar to other online services, users need only register their full name, username, password and email to avail of the service.

For a monthly fee of €3.99, a total of 21 channels are offered to Magnet broadband subscribers, including BBC’s full range of channels, MTV, VH1 and kids channels Nickelodeon, Nick Toons and Nick Junior.*

Mark Kellett, CEO of Magnet: “There’s no obligation to sign up to Magnet. We are however hoping that people will be so impressed with the service that they will want more and sign up to our broadband packages to avail of additional channels together with our great speeds. But there’s nothing to stop people just availing of the free five.”

How do I register?

  • Go to http://www.magnetwebtv.ie and select the "Register Button"
  • Input some basic information- name, username and password
  • You will then be sent an activation email to your email address
  • Click the link on the activation email and you're ready to start watching your five free channels

What bandwidth is needed to view the service?

  • Magnet WebTV needs a 1Mbps broadband to view the live TV part of the service. A line checker such as speedtest.magnet.ie will be able to tell you what speed you have.

Will the service work on Explorer / Firefox / Opera / Chrome / Safari?

  • Yes, Magnet WebTV is designed to work with all web browsers that support the Adobe Flash plug-in
  • If you don't have a plug-in installed or if you have an older version of the plug-in, you'll be prompted to install the latest version or upgrade it when you log in
  • There is no charge for upgrading or installing the Adobe Flash plug-in

Will Magnet WebTV work on my mobile phone or tablet device?

  • Magnet WebTV was designed to run on a web browser, which supports the Adobe Flash Plug-In and has at least 1Mbit of downstream broadband connectivity

How much does it cost and what channels are available to watch?

  • It's free for the five Channel Package - RTÉ 1, RTÉ 2, TV3, TG4 and 3e
  • To get the entire 21 channel package it’s €3.99 per month but you need to be a Magnet Broadband customer to get this.
  • The additional 16 channels are BBC Two, BBC Three, BBC Four, Comedy Central, Comedy Central Extra, BBC News 24, Euronews, Nickelodeon, Nick Toons, Nick Junior, BBC Cbeebies, CBBC, MTV One, VH1 and TMF

To be in with a chance to win the PS3 all you have to do is post below with what TV programme you think you'd watch most on Magnet Web TV, and why.

It could be cartoons, political debate, your favourite soap or whatever you like. Every member who enters a programme and a good reason will be put into the draw.

For any feedback relating to Magnet Web TV, please use this thread.

Winner will be picked Wednesday 16 February and contacted by PM. No cash alternative. Judge's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered in to.

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fergywergy Registered User

Id defo watch Fake Street on Magnet Web TV cause its soooo realistic and portrays Irish youth brilliantly

VampiricPadraig Registered User

Ms Brown's Boys

Absolutely brilliant show

kearneybobs Registered User

Looking forward to being able to watch the Champions League on Tuesday/Wednesdays when there are no TVs available in the house due to the soaps being on.

Mountjoy Mugger Registered User


Mushy Registered User

Boardwalk Empire....like history-based shows and would like to see how realistic it is

jimmycrackcorm Registered User

How do I register?
Go to http://www.magnetwebtv.ie and select the "Register Button"
Input some basic information- name, username and password
You will then be sent an activation email to your email address
Click the link o

there is no register button - there's a sign up to watch tv link

Goodshape Registered User

News, current affairs, politics stuff.

I spend very little time in front of the television but - and in particular in the run-up to election - I often feel I'm missing out on Irish news and political debate. Having it streamed to my laptop, there's a much better chance I'll be watching.

tonkpills Registered User

Ms Brown's Boys on RTÈ without a doubt. I can't recall another show that made me laugh so much.

Dacelonid Registered User

Would watch Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. Had to Sky+ Blood and Sand as the wife can't stand the gore, so being able to watch the new series online would be much handier

Damer Registered User

arra sure it would have to be ear to the ground because I like to know what's happening with all things earthy!


Arrested Development - stands up to repeat views like no other show.

"Come on!"

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Dermo Registered User

It has to be the six nations for me. Biggest annual international sporting event for Ireland in my eyes.

garlad Registered User

The Greatest American Hero. Especially for the theme tune.

hellboy99 Registered User

Mrs Brown's Boys, great laugh, US version of Shameless and South Park

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