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Humans eh! said:
With all due respect, you are the one who questioned and seem interested purely in my finances in the first place. I posted to the thread as I do drive unaccompanied as the OP. asked, you however just came along to seem incredulous that I don't have €75 or thereabouts to spare at the moment.

Bike insurance lapsed in January.
What next, why don't I sell the bike? etc etc .... ad infinitum

'Gets keys and drives off........Unaccompanied. '
- Get a swat team here now, and take out that lawbreaker! -

With all due respect, if you had bothered to do your test at any stage over the last year you would have saved the 75 Euro immediately upon informing your insurance company that you now hold a full license. By your logic you should be entitled to hop in a 8 axle truck just because you hold a A license.

At the OP. That fact he failed but in your eyes is competent might mean many things. The test sheet should give you a good idea of how he failed. Considering the test can be had in a week or two through cancellations, if he wants it that badly he can calm his nerves and pass the next test.

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