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ShadowHearth said:
i think banker would be one of admins, we all can trust admins, We do a bank biulding where these mats are held by admin, no transactions for lots in town can be done withouth a banker/admin. so if you whana buy a lot, get admin on, he gives you privilage and gives you a lot. so we know for sure, person paid for it. now once again, we are mature people so we have to fair and dont touch those mats, no pvp in safe zone. new people that join have to read on rules.

we can do safe zone with plots in mind, mark them. we make streests etc, so basicly we can make it planed, not just randomly, then we can biuld anather city/safe zone where we got more plots. ather save zone near sea and port etc...

btw adminsgot all powers so they can just keep on paper the mats player gave for buying lots etc. so those would be safe and no one could ninja them late at night . so admin can be players too , like all of us during too.

well thats my idea, like i said we can do arenas and and ather games in safe zones too. maybe it could be everyones effort. not personal mats etc.

so what you think guys? Lets make a game in game? this way the stuff you biuld will mean moreto you, you will actually be so glad to mine up some gold or diamond, and make safe to your safe house in city to store it up!

we should give it a go lads, it really can be fun

i think your idea of a normal server with safe areas, a possible barter system, and PVP going on in the background is looking like a winner. i will talk it over with cherry and tallon this evening and see what they say.

Korvanica said:
instead of bartering diamond for glass etc.. how about iconomy? if its set up right it can be really useful. Players start with x amount og money and can buy and sell items etc off other players...

for me that turns me off a server. i dont know how long it takes to set up and i can imagine the heartache when and if it screws up for people.

IMHO its lame. i dont want to play a sandbox game where i have to buy the materials i need to be able to create anything.

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ok fair enough... it would just be easier than arguing how many iron equals 1 diamond etc...

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fair point. thanks for that.

i never even thought of that. now that mod starts to sound interesting. it will be discussed with the others later on though. so dont lose all hope on it yet.

it its not that we have the mod we will try and sort out a system where for example 9 iron = 1 gold and 9 gold = 1 diamond or something like that.

you also have leet posts

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michaelpower said:
fair point. thanks for that.

i never even thought of that. now that mod starts to sound interesting. it will be discussed with the others later on though. so dont lose all hope on it yet.

it its not that we have the mod we will try and sort out a system where for example 9 iron = 1 gold and 9 gold = 1 diamond or something like that.

you also have leet posts

just back home, i sow that mod, and honestly i dont like it. its something that you dont even feel to be honest... but when you got 10 gold and 5 diamond in your chest, then you know you got something physical, if that makes any sence...

well to be honest, i am glad you liked my idea, as when i started playing minecraft i started to see visions of AWESOMNES that players can do themselfs. Its a real sandbox game! i hope we will get to hear soon on your opinion lads !

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Ill ask here to, any news on pvp server? Is it still happening

I thought of safe city. We can make 2 main streets which cross each ather. Street would he atleast 10 block wide. Then from there we can start doing small sectors of 15x15 which are devided by a small roads of 4 block wide. We can do a few sectors, not too much. And suround it by a stone wall like i got in my keep. 4 exits, an exit of each main streets end.

Now all new players would get 1 sector for free on begging of the server , and ofc all new comers etc. Then ofc some good spot sectors can be a price in arenas etc.

When we will get in to it, we can do our second safe city similar to this, but more fancy, with some rivers and public bridges etc.

God i really hope this server gets aproved

DirtyBollox Registered User

we havent talked much about it yet. but i'll try and get the ball rolling tonight.

DirtyBollox Registered User

right i am going to set it up tonight. i will post the IP in the group or get it posted in the group. it will only be starting so will be a brand new world.

will i leave monsters off or on?


It's only been a day. It takes a lot to setup the server

Just be patient

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In an arena, make a curtain of lava splitting the ring on two so the opponents cant see each other set up their fortresses, then as the match begins have a ref or two block the lava and let the carnage commence.

Kersmash Registered User

i'm really liking shadows idea of a safe town surrounded by a wall where everyone gets their own little house to keep their winnings. Then once you leave the safety of the town it's a free for all sounds like a lot of fun to me. I'd spend a lot of time outside the town roaming around on my pig of war with a bow and arrows, hunting whoever leaves their safety net

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i am glad people like my idea!

like i said before, we can all start on that server, and no pvp turned on, we all will just power biuld that safe town first, get the sectors sorted out etc. once safe zone is done, bank is done. we can start our pvp thing.

i honestly cant wait for this!

DirtyBollox Registered User

i'll fire this up tonight and post the IP in the social group for tallon's server. the PVP will be turned off until the Safe Zone has been marked out and everyone has some sort of hovel set up to store their materials.


1. world has two parts:
a. Safe zone/safe town
b. Wilderness

2. Striclty NO PVP in safe zone, all players have to respect that rule no matter what. ( safe zones will be market with red wool around it.)

3. FFA PVP in wilderness, you kill what you want, you steal what you want, you loot what you want. you find it its yours!

4. you can biuld anything in wilderness, but any player can destroy it or loot it.

5. All that is built in safe zone cannot be looted or destroyed.
safe zone no pvp and biulding rules:
b) You can build in safe zone only if you own land in it.
c) every new player gets 1 free sector ( 15x15 ) in safe zone.you can build in there what ever you want as long as it not goes outside of your sector.
d) You can buy or win sectors in safe zone too ( 1 sector price - 5 diamonds or 20 gold )
e) NO UNDERGROUND DIGING IN SAFE ZONE! ( only in your owns sector ). You can dig down as far as you want or as high as you want but you are not allowed go outside the boundary of your set area.

6. NO SPAWNING of any tools, weapons, block allowed except when a new person joins and need to set their safe house up.

7. Trade system in safe zone, you can trade blocks, weapons, tools with other players in safe zone.

8. NO STEALING FROM OTHER PLAYERS HOUSES IN SAFE ZONE! Any Players Caught Stealing will be banned from the server with no chance of getting back on again.

9. All players can decide when and where they want to build new safe town:
a) a new spot is decided by everyone, if someone one does not agrees on that, we vote.
b) all players that can, chip in to build new safe area.
c) No PVP while new place is built. it will be turned off.
d) people have to buy sectors in new safe zone/town.

10. Monsters will be disabled, but we will have events which will be pure pve.Town invasion etc.

11. In towns or near town there will be biult aditional arenas, dual pits, mazes of death.
a) all players decide what sort of PVP event/biulding to biuld.
b) No PVP while this biulding is done. It will be turned off.
c) All players who can, have to chip in and help with biulding.

12. In arenas there will be pvp events with prize pool. All the diamonds and gold which are collcted for sectors are prize loot in official pvp events. There will be betting or gambling on this if people want it. once enough people request it we will put some thought into it and implement it.

13. players can do wagger matches between themselfs in any arena, pit etc. I.E. player 1 "fight you for your diamond sword" Player 2 "yeah ok" in this case the diamond sword will be put in a chest or given to a referree to hold onto during battle.

14. Be honest in your action, obey rules. It depends on us, players, to make it work. Be mature and it will be alot of fun.

15. Any Matches in the arenas will be watched over by an Admin or other trusted individual.

16. No lava in or near the safe house area. any player caught jepordasing the area will be kicked for an indeterminate amount of days but always under 1 week.

A layout of the the proposed plans for the safe area is here

Anyone with any additional changes or ideas please throw them in here and we will consider them.

Big Thanks to ShadowHearth who drafted up the rules and plans.

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ShadowHearth Registered User

just got back home, ty for mentioning of me

the link is broken i think, ill give my one, if thats okay with you m8.

ill be on tonight for that and help to biuld safe zone. i hope o good few of you will join in!

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Time to get out my 1337 AutoCAD skillz

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humanji said:
Not sure if it's applicable to the general PvP server idea (I thought of this when it was a twinkling of an idea being pitched), but I had a thought of a kind of labrynth arena. There would be a labrynth made of something that can't be destroyed, that the players run around in trying to kill each other.

Now, I don't know the ins and outs of the red dust circuits, but I had images of various traps laid out, like ones that lock certain passageways, or open sections than have monster spawners. Enough little tricks that would ensure no one user could easily learn everything off and force admins to rebuild the arena.

And the last thought I'd had was that there was no ceiling on the labrynth and spectator areas were built high around it, so you could look down and see the action.

I also kind of pictured a Running Man version, with one player as the unarmed runner and a couple of others hunting them, kitted out in full diamond armour.

D'Oh, ShadowHearth ninja'd my labrynth idea. But the Running Man is patent pending!

This is by far the best idea.

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