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Just purchased a hosting package with GoDaddy (mostly for static IP address and SSL cert EV)...
After i've done it,i found that GoDaddy is not the most friendly with .IE zone domains...

However,i'm having problems transferring the DNS records.
The domain is just being registered so is no pressure to go live or lose data.

I have changed the DNS server records in the local ISP Control Panel to point to GoDaddy NameServers:

When i run a dns check is saying no dns server can be found.
I gave it overnight as waiting propagation time...

Read all the RTFMs on GoDaddy and on local ISP.

I just have to wait until monday to talk with the local ISP support guys BUT in meantime i would love to fix it myself...for my own satisfaction !!

I would appreciate any input...
Thanks in advance

Blacknight Verified representative

You can't update the nameservers of a .ie domain name until it is fully registered and you need to make sure that the new nameservers have a full set of records for the domain in question before you try to make the switch

rolion Registered User

I had the .ie domain long registered with local DNS.
Dunno,it worked by disabling the DNS records on local isp.
then,just a matter of waiting !

What is amazing (in special in the type of project i'm involved) is the unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth...quite amazing !!

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