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Can't find that map, if you come across it again, can you link it up?

Mensch Maschine Registered User

Sorry man, it was on page 14 or thereabouts in the Sleeping Dogs topic in Gaming Chat on It seems it was taken down cause it was a scan of a German gaming mag.

Basically it was one island with a bridge to another small island. It looked like there was a mountain/hill in the middle with docklands and business district scattered around the costal areas. It wasn't the hugest but I'm sure it will be nice and detailed. Some of the new screens show quite busy pedestrian areas, sorta.

Can't wait!

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Ya me neither, after ME 3, this is my most anticipated game of the year!

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New trailer showing the story, actually sounds decent

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New trailer showing the driving, Looks amazing!

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Potential-Monke Registered User

I really hope that they're not over-hyping this and it ends up being pants like Saints Row 3. It does indeed look amazing though.

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I think kit's lookinging like a good mix of gta 4 and saints row, a nice balance of real and gritty story but knows how to have some fun. SR 3 just went way too far.

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wnolan1992 Moderator

Just catching up on the coverage of this. Really excited. Loved NYC and liked LA. I know it has a different name now but hopefully it'll still be as good.

Going by the trailer and the interviews it looks really promising. Might be a nice follow up for Max Payne 3 if it were to be released in September-ish.

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Interesting article on IGN where devs said this was always meant to be a new IP but Activision absorbed it into their True Crime franchise and got them to fit it around that series. Since teaming up with Square, devs got to go back and finish it how they wanted.

Really hope this does well. Would be a nice kick in the nuts to Activision as well.

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Gamplay vids from PAX East 2012. Looks like a great laugh, hope a release date gets announced soon.

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wnolan1992 Moderator

Some awesome footage there. Really looking forward to this now. Although the driving aspect looks a bit arcade-y to me, but the on foot and combat stuff looks top notch. Should be a laugh of a game anyway.

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UFC Champ GSP put this on his facebook page.

As he posted on his Facebook page, "I’m proud to announce I’m acting as consultant for Square Enix on their upcoming Sleeping Dogs game. I’m helping make sure the action is as authentic as possible as well as sharing some insight into what’s coming. And yes – my superman punch will appear in the game!"

That's just class news!

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Sleeping Dogs gets a release date!

17th August in Europe!

Man, I really hope we can get access to the pre-order DLC at some point. GSP has his own DLC in this game!!!

Best Buy: 'Georges St. Pierre (GSP)' Pack:
· GSP's signature "flying punch"
· Exclusive GSP outfit including T-shirts, headband and shorts.
· GSP's outfit unlocks the "flying punch" and increases grappling and throwing damage.

GameStop: 'Police Protection' Pack:
· Exclusive "High Speed" Mission
· Exclusive HK Police SWAT Outfit
· Exclusive assault rifle
· Exclusive SWAT Police Vehicle

Amazon: 'Martial Arts' Pack:
· Shaolin Showdown Mission
· Shaolin Warrior outfit (with increased striking damage)
· Bonus Triad XP points
· Wing Chun decoration for safehouse (with temporary combat buff)

Exclusive content for the digitally downloadable PC version of Sleeping Dogs will be announced at a later date.

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wnolan1992 Moderator

sheehy83 said:
Sleeping Dogs gets a release date!

17th August in Europe!

Damn, that's later in the Summer than I hoping for.

Still, nice to be able to pencil it in now.

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