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i know Renault have stood over the Scenic and will replace the dash for €120


is there anyone else out there, or who knows someone experiencing difficulties with their Espace? or knows someone in a breaker's yard?

the problem is that the instrument panel/dash keeps breaking, so YET AGAIN, i have no instruments, no idea of what speed i am doing (God help me when i get stopped my a Garda and asked "do i know what speed i am doindg?" there will be no right answer for me). i have no idea of how much fuel i have, oil, warning lights nothing, it is actually a safety issue at this stage

my '03 espace has already had the dash replaced twice and now needs it replaced for a 3rd time in 3.5 years!!!

breakers say it is the first thing to go, so is incredibly difficult to source so, god love me i rang Renault (now what was i thinking??????)

i was thanked profusely for bringing ths problem to their attention but i drive an espace not a scenic, so therefore not comparing like with like (although it is the dash on both cars)

i was then told that Renault would be "delighted" to investigate if it is the same problem with both models, and to bring it to my local renault agent and they will investigate it AT MY EXPENSE!!!!

so they have really picked on the wrong unemployed, currently stay at home mom, with nothing but time on her hands!!!

if you are or know someone with difficulties with the dash on their espace, please let me know, i will bombard renault with my own data

or any stay at home solicitor out their willing to offer free legal advice

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Can I suggest Donal in KC Systems in Watergrasshill in Cork? He's a dab-hand a dash clock repairs. Try googling his number.... he's seen it all !

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Neighbour had a couple of Grand Espaces. At least one of them had the dead dash issue, I think more than once too...

And then there were all the other issues...

His Laguna II he had before those was trouble free though.

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The dash went on my laguna11 440 euro to replace at the time.

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well i have tracked down a government body willing to take up the fight on a safety issue point of view YIPEE

but, i need to find someone who has bought their espace from new and who has had this problem and returned it to a renault garage, and what were they told, and did the dash fail again

there are too many variables in my "claim" as a second hand car and second hand dashes, not fitted in a renault garage (even though they were fitted by a ren ault trained mechanic)

so would still like to hear from people who have had trouble with their dashes to put the point that not just me who has this problem

i would like as much details as possible re dates and costs etc, to present the case and

also if anyone out there knows how many different models of each renault are sold each year, as i was already told that in relation to the megane complaints online, there are considerably fewer complaints re the espace, but my counter is that there are significantly fewer espaces sold each year as well, at which point interest in the case/claim was renewed

any help would be appreciated and in relation to having the dash fixed by an auto electrician, i have been down that road but the problem is in the actual dash as they should not be constantly failing, after all they are not a wear and tear part, they are supposed to last the life time of the car

please pm, if you want to help me in my "crusade" against Renault


Coffeycase, can you confirm whether you intend to take this legal?

coffeycase Registered User

no, i can't afford to take it legal and to take on the might of renault, if i could afford to go legal i would just change the stupid car!!

all i want is for them to concede that there is an issue and for them to replace my dash either FOC or for E120 like the meganes even just to shut me up!!!

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Sorry to bring up an older topic ... my Espace,tonight,decided to let me "feel" the speed,petrol and others on the dashboard !
Lights start dimming,then went off completely.On/off engine,in/out the car,nothing.Then,suddenly,it came back alive !!!
Bought the car last week,second hand,and is scary already !!

Searched online and found this,from BBC in UK but relates to Scenic:

Or basic link from Irishtimes:

More than likely,there are same dashboards systems,please correct me if i'm wrong !?

I'm heading to Renault Ireland on Monday, i have something very nicely to tell them if they ask me to pay for the manufacturing fault !

You know what they say about French cars...don't buy cars built on Monday and/or built on Friday !! My 4 (four) Renault cars must have been built ... sunday !??

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