cormie Registered User

I booked an NCT retest today but it's a bit later than I was hoping for and the lady on the phone said that if I check that I'll be able to see any cancellations and reschedule my own test in their place.

By the looks of the website and the way the booking page is, it doesn't really stand out to me as a page that will be updated with any cancelled tests but of course I could be wrong, so just so I'm not wasting my time every day, can anyone confirm whether any cancellations will actually show up?

Any feedback appreciated

Senna Registered User

yeah they release dates and times regularly. To get in quick, I was told between 8&9am in the morning is the best time to check for new slots.

cormie Registered User

Cool thanks, will check it out, is it a live feed does anyone know or just updated in blocks every hour or so?

cormie Registered User

Hmmm, I think this is fruitless, I wonder do people cancel much in advance, or just not show up.

lifer_sean Registered User

Hang in there Cormie, it does work, check once or twice a day. Don't know when exactly they update, but to give an example I checked for a slot last Saturday week, and there was one available next day, Sunday, 10.50am. Wasn't able to use it though !

For some reason slots seem to come up about two weeks out, and sometimes every time, every day, like they put an extra person on for that shift, or were holding back slots (maybe for re-tests) and then freed them up.

cormie Registered User

Ah that's good to know at least, I'll check back and see if anything comes up

jamesk_irl Registered User

Agreed - just keep checking

I was booking a test on Monday and the earliest date available in Dublin was 5th March in Northpoint. I checked back in again today and lots of slots available in Greenhills for 14th to 18th February.

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