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Been gone since the end of season 2 and I missed so much. I haven't read through the other posts to see thoughts but I was stunned when Angel kicked the bucket. I loved the Kalani journal flashbacks, thought a lot of questions were answered like the mole/skittles/pippin. I think there is something more to this army camp like there is a big secret like the village Boulder isn't a place they send people it's a place they hunt them or stuff like that. It's great to be back in it now! My condensed thoughts about Season3 thus far roll on today ep!

Kess73 Registered User

And it is now up on itunes.

phill106 Registered User

Downloading now, i see you were taking no chances with your episode day notification

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DakotaYoda Registered User

Just got to listen to it.

Go Bricks. Thought he was showing a little more thought and personality lately...

Otherwise.... blah. Setup for the mission to break into the colony. Still no Michael or zombies.

Kess73 Registered User

Yeah a pretty meh episode, but still better for the lack of Michael and co.

I wonder are we now heading towards the end of Burt. His gun, Shirley, is now destroyed and his trigger finger has been cut off. Have a feeling we might see some kind of scenario where Burt gives his life in order for Saul, Lizzie etc to escape the Colony.

The torture of Burt and the escalation to cutting off his trigger finger and destroying the gun felt very rushed. A bit like how the killing off of Angel felt shoehorned in.

And wasn't very handy that CJ just happened to have a heavily armoured SWAT vehicle complete with all it's weapon racks full. Yet when she had to go and pick up Saul, Vic, Pete and the old guy from an area that had creatures in attack mode, she chose not to use it.

touts Registered User

Michael will next appear with a mysterious keyboard and mouse and there will be a great confusion among the other soldiers as to how he got it without filling out the correct Form 334b. Just what did happen in those missing hours in the stores room???

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phill106 Registered User

New episode today, and looks like maybe a live episode next week?

Kess73 Registered User

phill106 said:
New episode today, and looks like maybe a live episode next week?

Actually forgot that there was a new episode today

Am downloading it from itunes as I type.

Kess73 Registered User

3 week gap until the next downloadable episode

phill106 Registered User

Hold the phone, this episode has female nudity!
Where the hell are they going with that? Not much happened, staking out the colony, sticking up some cameras, some homophobic soccer jokes etc...

Kess73 Registered User





has returned to Boards.

If you smeeeeeeeeeeeeeel.........

....what the Kess......


Kess73 Registered User

And it is available on itunes now.

DakotaYoda Registered User

Finally have a chance to download..... working on it now.

Kess73 Registered User

Damn I miss when the show used to be good on a consistent basis, and when episodes like the new one used to be the filler episodes in a season rather than having a season made up mostly of episodes of filler level or worse.

DakotaYoda Registered User

Yeah this felt like another 'transition' episode. Not much going on - only the hope that it is setting something interesting up in the next episode.

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