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10k in 58.20- itsa PB but I'm diappointed that I didn't knock off more. Had a lot left in me at the end so I could have went a bit faster between 5k and 8k I slowed way down- I think I'm going to run a few 6ks-8ks as part of training. Had terrible cramps too I don't like running early in the day it upsets my routine!

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Easy 4/4.5km (I didn't measure or time) yesterday evening after running Saturday morn- my legs felt fine- don't know if the extra stretching did my legs good or if I really didn't put the effort I could have into Saturday - I think myself its because I didn't put enough into Saturday.

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4km at 5.30 pace-
Started doing sets of squats and situps and I felt it in my legs! Not going to get out too much this week so will only get a few 4k's in. Thinking of doing 10mile Saturday week but besides last Saturdays 10km I haven't had a long run in a couple of weeks so I'll see how this week goes.

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During the week I have done 2 4km 5.30 average for both. Left it at that because I had yesterday off thinking there was a ten mile in Slane- was about to register and seen it was today I took Saturday off work so I've to work today!
However I did do 10 mile on my very own (I'm just too good to be seen running with over 5000 ppl in the Phoenix park!!) in 1.42.56 I was very glad when my garmin read 10 mile but I'm not as sore as say the first time I ran a 10k etc I must see if the entry for the half has closed.
Have a bit of a hectic week this week but might see if I can escape to Skryne on Friday evening for the 5k I don't have an official 5k time.

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Another three 4ks- one was 8 min mile 8.30 min mile etc othera similar run adn the last one I didn't time was just any easy jog more to get me running early morning (I ended up walking some- I hate mornings!)
Ran the Tara Ac 5k in Skryne tonight- by my watch in 26.29- absolutely delighted I was hoping for 27. But my knee is fecked now- could feel it really pulling at 4k, when I crossed the finish line it just stiffened up completely. Hopefully it'll be alright

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Was on hols- ran twice totalling 10k- I had planned to do more but the heat was killing me and the beer was too tempting So head down now- healthy eating and quality training before the half!

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Haven't been updating! I've kept myself ticking over going for a run every other day nothing too exerting- from my hip to just under my knee is killing me I'm finding that it loosens after a couple of miles and then stiffening again after the runs. Have been stretching and icing I've done every exercise I can find on you tube that helps the IT band etc but its gone too far and will need to see a physio but I think I've kept it at bay enough to see me through Sat. I don't think I'm as prepared as i want to be given that I haven't done more than six miles in a long long time but I know I can finish it even if it means walking the last couple of miles!

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So I ran the half in 2.17.51- Started half way back in the third wave and kept the distance between the 2 hour pacers until the turnoff at mile 7 on chesterfield road- up until that point I was keeping myself just under 10 minute miles and i felt fantastic. I struggled between 8-9 but kept it close to 10 min mile in the hope I'd get a second wind but it never came, by mile 10 I was ready to walk but my OH and kids had come up to the top of Chesterfield Ave which I hadn't expected. I kept going and ran the slowest 800 metres to the finish line ever!

My knee and leg felt fine I ran on the left hand side of the road and it felt fine at one stage I ended up on the right hand side and could feel a tug so I moved back over.

I wasn't as sore at the end of it as I expected to be so that makes me think I could have gone harder- It was lack of energy that hit me at mile 10 so I need to start bringing gels on a few runs and see how I get on.
I'm proud that I finished it as I hadn't even expected to do this this year, I now have a time to beat but hopefully I'll be able to smash it next year.

I've a flu all this week- so haven't been out for a run (I did manage a bit of a walk though) but I'm lost as to what to aim for now all the races seem so far away.
I want to improve my 10k time bring it down to as close to 50 mins as I can I would also like to build up milage at least be able to comfortably run 13 miles by spring.
For the next few weeks I might take things easy- just enjoy a few slow runs and think about things!

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Went out today for a bit of a run more so to get the dog out, he's missing his runs. Felt crap and ended up having to stop before I even hit 2km, the flu I had is on my lungs now so I'm probably better off not over doing things. Todays run I slow jogged half a km to warm up- ran 800m at 7.5km pace 500m recovery before I stopped- hoped to get at least two more fast runs in- I need to pick up the pace! But I've no race to aim for until spring so I've plenty of time.
Going to head out again in the morn just for a slow easy run.

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Slow 5k, chest still felling heavy so I'm just happy enough to be out at the minute, nothing constructive happening!

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5.5 miles in 55 mins. Just easing back in after my sick break! Luckily I've nothing on the horizon so I'm happy to just tick over for however long it takes to get over this chest infection.

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keep up the good work

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Had half hour before OH wentout to work so plan was to run the just over two and a half mile loop around the village doing two miles of itin under 8mins- I should be well able for that- but I struggled to get the first mile under 8 and it took me the rest of the loop to recover
I could say that the wind was very strong and that I hadn't been out in nearly a week and that I can still feel a catch on my chest but it dawned on me when I struggled home that I've got out of the habit of really pushing myself, I'm too quick to excuse myself from a hard run and slow down to a more enjoyable pace.

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0ne mile warm up then 4* 1/4 mile fast and just under half mile slow jog to finish.
I know I should be trying to do these over a longer distance but I'm finding it hard to keep a steady pace and find that when I try speed up I end up going too fast (I was trying to keep it at 7.30 min mile and at one stage I was running at 6.30)
I will later in the week (or maybe tomorrow) try two half miles at 7.30. Maybe i just need to get it wrong for a while before I get familiar with the feel of different paces (if that makes sense!)
On a good note its the first run since the end of August that I haven't felt a heaviness in my knee.

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5 mile in 50 mins- ran the first two miles in 8.30, then very slow 3 miles! Overall it was probably a little slower than I'd normally go 5 mile but I'm happy I got the first two miles at a steady 8.30.

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