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Ok, so I gave into the Jamie Oliver hype and bought a food processor today. My OH thinks it is a waste of money as there is only the two of us.

Any suggestions of what i can use it for to convince the OH it was a good buy??

arsenal Registered User


If you're anyway into Indian food it's very handy for making garlic and ginger paste.

Chopping onions, carrots and celery for a bolognese sauce.

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olaola Registered User

Great for pastry!

The Black Oil Moderator

Something from the Cooking Club might be of use to you. For example, Thai beanburgers or Falfel burgers

phormium Registered User

I have a very good chocolate cake recipe for processor if you are into baking?

huskerdu Registered User

One question is that you need to answer yourself is - Why did you buy it ?
It depends what sort of cooking and baking you do, how you will use it.

Also, what features did you buy it for. Different ones have a different range
of attachments.

I use mine for all sorts of things that I can do my hand, but its just quicker
to do with hre processor like

- Making pastry
- Rubbing in butter in scone recipes
- All mixing during baking
- Kneading dough

Also liquidizing soups and sauces, mincing meat, whipping cream, or egg whites

timmythesheep Registered User

phormium said:
I have a very good chocolate cake recipe for processor if you are into baking?

If you have it handy that would be great


Pate, soups and sauces are my most common food processor uses!

Darkginger Registered User

I got one for Christmas, and these are its main uses so far:

Slicing onions for French Onion Soup, or any recipe that needs a lot of onions
Grating cheese (especially Parmesan)
Slicing cucumber finely
Mashing bananas and making banana bread
Grating carrots finely for carrot cake (and mixing the cake)
Chopping meat for paté (and soon for sausages)
Making breadcrumbs from stale bread
Making crumble topping

Then there's the liquidizer attachment for pureeing tomatoes, making soup, and whizzing up a curry base sauce

It's becoming indispensable!

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phormium Registered User

choc cake or can be used for buns

180g soft brown sugar (caster will do if thats all you have)
180g butter - very soft
165g self raising flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
15g cocoa
50g chocolate melted (70% cocoa solid preferably, I use Lidl 74%)
3 eggs

Put all above into processor, make sure butter is very soft and chocolate is still lukewarm, whisk it up and divide between 2 8inch round sandwich tins or one high one is that is all you have. Could also bake it as one layer like brownies or as buns.

Bake in preheated oven 170 fan or 180 ordinary.

Hard to say how long it takes, 20 mins or so for single layers but be careful opening door too often as this cake can fall if drop in temperature. Check with cocktail stick and remove as soon as done, becomes dry if overcooked.

Filling & Icing

100g butter very soft (would deffo use butter for icing, marg could be substituted for cake at a push but not icing)
100g icing sugar
100g melted choc, same as above

All into processor, whizz it up, spread over cake as soon as made, sets on cooling.

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unkel Category Moderator

arsenal said:


Use it for Hummus nearly every week

Also great for pesto...

Aglomerado Registered User

Home-made falafel!


lucylu Registered User

here is another chocolate cake to make in a food processor and it is beautiful


nesbitt Registered User

I'm saving up for a food processor, but I will also need to organise an area where I can leave it set up and ready to use. I think this is key to really using the processor.

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arsenal Registered User

Unkel... out of curiosity, what's your hummus recipe...?

I have mine good but not amazing, I'm just not getting something right!

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