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I'm hoping someone can help me, I have emailed the address at their site, and will ring them or call in tomorrow.
But in the meantime, does anyone know if there is somewhere online i can find out about how many prize bonds someone has?

Let me explain..

My father died nearly 30 years ago, and today a lady called to my mother's house with a letter addressed to a very old address my father used to live in.. It was from Prize Bonds. He won €75.00

But now we are curious as to how many prize bonds he may have had, as nobody knew about them, he may have had 2, or 22..

So, here i am hoping someone can help me find out if there is a way to find out how many prize bonds he may have had.

ravima Registered User

You'll need to write rather than email, telling them who you are and giving details of all addresses your father may have lived at. You need all addresses as he may have bought at different addresses.

Allyall Registered User

Yeah, will do that, make a list to bring in with me,
Than ks for that.

broker2008 Registered User

Fexco are the administrators of Prize Bonds and their office is in Killorglin, Co. Kerry. (I passed by their offices today!)

Give them a call on 1850 671 000 or 066 9761258 to find out their exact procedure.

They will check their database based on his name, date of birth and all known addresses and then see if there have been any other prizes. You will then be able to cash in all the bonds held by using a repayment form and probably proof of who is the next of kin.

Her's hoping that there is a million pound or euro winner amongst them.

I presume that you would have done a search of all banks, building societies and life insurance companies to see if there was any holdings or policies within these companies?

goat2 Registered User

i have always bought a few prize bonds here and there, and ever just one 75E now and then, i always buy more from these, but my quetion now is it safe to be buying them these days, or could our hard earned money go down the drain bailing out these wasters of borrowers who could not and had no notion of paying back the banks, and my other question is when i go to aib bank and asked them if i could buy prize bonds, they tell me they do not do prize bonds, yet aib is now belonging to us, it would make it easier than getting a bank draft and trying to find the form and envelope to send off the cheque if the bank just sold the bonds to us, aib charges 1euro 90 cent for the draft,,,,,help

BuffyBot Administrator

AIB or the other banks haven't sold prize bonds in years, if they ever did. The Post Office sells them over the counter, not the bank.

You can also purchase them online at the Prize Bonds website.

And yes they're as safe as pretty much any other state back product at the moment.

goat2 Registered User

that makes me nervous, as i dont trust anything statebacked at moment, with the change of mind on many things over the past 2 yrs, this is making me shudder, as any few pennies i have to my name are in prize bonds

BuffyBot Administrator

Well, only educating yourself thoroughly in order to evaluate the risk or perceived risk will give you true peace of mind. Not listening to knee jerk opinions or assumptions you see in the media, and especially online.

Black Rock Registered User

Prize Bonds are an part of the suite of NTMA State Savings products offered to personal savers by the Government under the management of the NTMA (National Treasury Management Agency).

The Prize Bond Company is an agent of the NTMA and hands the money directly to the Government. The other products are Savings Bonds, Savings Certificates, Intalment Savings, National Solidarity Bond, Ordinary Deposit Account and Deposit Account Plus.

Th repayment of Prize Bonds is an unconditional obligation of the Government. The security of all NTMA State Savings products is explained in a brochure 1 on the State Savings website
and Prize Bonds are explained on brochure 4

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