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Hi guys,

Wondering if anybody has come across any good quality headphones with android compatible controls that would be suitable for sports use.

A have a set of monster beats headphones, which have a built in control system. Its designed primarily for iphones, but is (partly) compatible with my htc desire (can pause, fast forward and rewind, answer calls, and hang up, though volume up and down doesnt work).

I was looking for something similar for sports use - running and cycling mainly. Have gotten so used to having controls on the cable that I'm seriously resenting having to fish my phone out of my pocket to fast forward etc when cycling (where controls would be particularly useful) or running.

I have seen the Monster "Power Beats" which are designed for sports use, but are a bit step at €120 ish for a secondary pair of headphones.

I'm also wary that they are part "hook" earphone and part in ear. I know I'm not alone in this, but I can never get those in ear things to stay in my ear. I've read a few amazon reviews which say the Power Beats are good for staying in, but am nevertheless wary.

Would prefer a hook over ear type, rather than hook in ear!

Thanks in advance.

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Sennheiser and Adidas have collaborated on a few sets of earphones for sports use. Here are a few of them:


I have the CX680i, which have a mic, a control for vol up/down and you can play/pause and answer calls. Like yours, the vol up/down doesn't work on mine, but I don't really need it that badly.

Anyway, I think they're great. They are in ear, but they have the fins for grip and they have lots of adapters (about 6 different pairs) to fit different ear sizes so once you get the right set they fit really well. I use them running and when walking home from work and don't have any problems.

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Thanks. I like the look of the OMX 680i Sports headphones, the over ear hook is the kind of thing I'm looking for. How is the sound on them?

How does the control system work on android? I don't mind about volume, but can it fast forward/rewind? Really gotten used to that feature, and would be handy for cycling.

One thing though, the controls seem like they are fairly low down on the cable, which would prevent me running it under my top. Again, would be handy for cycling if I could let the cable run under clothing, avoid it getting tangled on gears, brakes etc.

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On mine you can't FF/RW - it's just play/pause and volume controls. I mainly use the 'play' button for answering calls, have to take the phone out if I want to skip a track. Mic/Remote isn't too far down the wire - sits around the upper chest, and you can use the supplied clip to keep the wire tight or give yourself slack where you need it. It's a pity they don't work as well with Android as with iPhone but it's not a huge deal for me as long as I can answer calls and hang up.

In terms of sound, they're decent once they're positioned well. It's a matter of getting the right fit. I will say that while they stay on well while running, and don't fall out, they may move slightly and that can affect the bass levels/overall sound quality. They sound very good if I use them when not moving, probably as good as my (non sporty) CX300's that recently died and were excellent.

To me, earphones will never be as good as proper headphones for sound but you kind of have to sacrifice that for mobility and comfort. That said, they're sennheiser, they're still a million times better than the crap they send out with ipods etc.

I sound like a complete audiophile there -I'm not, I just like a decent set of cans!

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That's a pity. Would like a set with reasonable FF/RW function as well as mic. Any that I have seen elsewhere don't really seem fit for sports use.

Looks like a might by left with the Power Beats, but reluctant to spend €100 plus on a set of headphones only two months after buying a €200 pair!

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