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My 3 year old Yorkie has lately been itching his left ear and sometimes even to the points he starts groaning.

He had this a while ago and the vet gave us ear drops to treat the "mites"...but we could'nt put the drops into the ear as he would'nt let us.

Any one know what could be causing this intense itching and what can I do to cure it?

echosound Registered User

Back to the vets, get it checked out to be sure it is still just mites, and this time put the drops in no matter how badly he struggles.

If a sore ear/ear with mites is left untreated it can very quickly become infected, inflamed, and very sore and uncomfortable for your dog in a best case scenario, or then again you could end up with a dog with permanent damage to the ear or his hearing.

You'll need to view the drops as a two-person job - one person to hold the dog quiet/keep struggling to a minimum and soothe him, and one to put the drops into the ear and rub them in well. If you are really having trouble with the struggling, I'd suggest wrapping the dog in a towel and getting the drops in as quickly as you can, then lots of affection afterwards

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+1 to the above.

When you are doing drops, take your time, stay calm, spend a while rubbing his head, massaging around his ear, generally relaxing him. Get him used to you touching his ears, it will make it easier for him and you.

Four of a kind Registered User

Bought him to the vet and got fully checked out. No mites/no infection - nothing the vet said is up apart from a very itchy ear.

She did spray him with some disinfectant she said would get rid of the itch and that was it!

Puts my mind a little more at ease.

Thanks for your help people

echosound Registered User

Glad you got to see the vet so soon, hope your yorkie's itchy ear will clear up after the spray

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