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I have a small 'drizzel' coming constantly from the arm of the ball cock in the big attic water tank. This causes the tank to 'overflow' when not in use and the overflow goes out an escape pipe through the side of teh house.

Would this mean replacing the ball-cock unit??? Or is there something elso I could try to stop the drizzel??

Do I need a plumber for this job or can I do it myself???

Is it a bit job does any one know??? Any links or tips as to how I could do it myself???

Many thanks


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No it's not a big job, You could try reducing your mains pressure by turning down the Cold mains where it comes into the House. Usually under the Sink somewhere. The overflow is doing exactly what it's supposed to do. If it still overflows then you need to change the Ballcock. Make sure and ask for a high pressure ballcock.
To change it turn the Mains water off and undo the Ballcock, replace with the new one and make sure it's stopping the tank from filling when full. thats it done.

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its not a big job if you know a little about what your doing and you have the tools

normally you can break the nut inside the tank so you don't need to replace the complete tail through the tank

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To be honest and not disrespectful i would not replace this if your asking the question. If you get it wrong the consequences are serious.

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Joey et Al....

The above confirms to me that I would be out of my depth on this!!! So...a plumber it is then!!!!

Regards to all

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