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Hi All,

Does anyone know how to watch TVP or TV Polonia online for free? TVP have a setup where you can watch a series online and pay for it. I didn't see a constant stream option. TV Polonia charge by the month. I may have missed something on the site as my Polish is suspect at best.

I have watched some soccer po polsku through Sopcast, but no luck otherwise. I would like to watch the news, documentaries and the odd film.


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I hope I can help you. It's not exactly what you looking for but maybe will be helpful:
There is TVP2
"NA ŻYWO" means on line. You can watch it about 40 minutes for free, after that you have to wait 15-20 minutes.

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Try, you can watch 27 live and time-delayed channels online:

TVP 1, TVP 2, TVN HD, TVN 7, TVN 24, Polsat, TV 4, TV Puls, Polsat 2, TVP HD, Tele 5, TV Silesia, TVP Polonia, Canal+ Film, Canal+ Sport, Kino Polska, TVP Kultura, TVP Seriale, Religia TV, TVN Style, Polsat Cafe, nSport, TVP Sport, TVN Turbo, Polsat Play, Viva Polska, Polonia 1

Here is a free 1 month serial you can use at:


or if you have an account already you can renew with that coupon as well, just make sure to choose the Premium 1 Month selection.


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link does not work

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Artur.PL said:
link does not work

I tried and it works fine. Give it a go again and see

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try here

or found this on another site havent tried them,119

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#7 , try this tool, you will like it !!!

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Artur.PL said:
link does not work

Works fine for me...

Coupon still works but it seems to only give you 10% off...

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The Ipla program is brilliant.

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