Poor_old_gill Registered User

Any ideas of when this is out??

ismiseuisce Registered User

I get the Mayo grant and as far as I can remember it's usually in by the last week in January or the first week in February. I think that the Mayo grant is usually one of the last ones to come in though.

TheReverend Registered User

Got mine on the 7th (from wicklow vec)

Joeytheparrot Moderator

it depends who pays you

Scuba Ste Registered User

I get mine from Dublin City Council which pays straight into your bank acc. I asked about it in college and they told me that they send a list of students that are still registered, presumably those that sat xmas exams, to DCC who then pay the second instalment. My exams are next week so I expect it in late January, early February. It's probably different depending on colleges.

Mother Duck Registered User

Spoke to Fingal Co Co this morning who advised that 2nd payment would go out between next week and mid February, depending on the colleges.

Pigwidgeon Registered User

Collected mine today from Wicklow. Cheque was dated 10th of December, yet according to the website it only came in today.

Also, if anyone is going to collect at the moment, be prepared for a long wait. I have to wait 1hour 45 mins today!

dee_f Registered User

check out the ucd website - it gives the dates of all the cheques


altho they have no dates before jan 17 - my friend got his longford coco grant last week - im waiting on westmeath still

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sm124 Registered User

does anyone hve anyidea of when cork county councils will be out i have rent to pay an they won't even give any idea of whats going on like she told me they'd processed some but noone anywhere seems to have gotten it. we got it so early last semester!!!

InTouch Registered User

To those in receipt of Fingal, the aggresso report came through on 11th February last year: I would imagine that it would be the same this year. Though with the delays experienced August- December last year it is hard to say.

Fox McCloud Registered User

I was told my grant from cork county council was sent to ucd yesterday, so should be available monday or tuesday I'd imagine..

Knight990 Registered User

Hey lads, anyone have any word on when the second payment is due to be paid from South Dublin County Council? I'm studying abroad on an Erasmus year from IT Tallaght and things are starting to get a bit close.

String Registered User

Got a text today from Cork VEC saying my second grant installment will be payed on Friday 28th January.

Poor_old_gill Registered User

Flipping hell, rang DCC but cant get any info out of them!
Hopefully in the next week and a half or else i'll be doing forfeits for money


DCC emailed me yesterday stating that the 2nd installment has been transferred to my account.Should have it by Friday.

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