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hi, i am currently doing the adult leaving cert course in cork college of commerce. i have a great interest in automotive electronics and would eventually love to start my own business repairing and modifying performance car electronics. does anybody out there know of any college courses out there that would lead me on to this type of career?

any help would be much appreciated!

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dit dt007

whalemeat27 Registered User

I am looking to do something like that myself .
There does not seem too be any one course that only does auto electrics / electronics.

I think the only way is too do a four year apprenticeship in auto electrics

Oo Bruz3R oO Registered User

Hi,I know this is afew months old but was just checking if you ever got further with the auto-electrics? Are you doing a course or get any more info on the whole thing.I want to do this myself and am finding it very hard to get info on courses,etc..

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