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Hi guys,

Looking at the CIE website to try workout timetables from Dundalk to Swords and the nearest stop they have is Swords Bypass.

Anyone know exactly where the Swords Bypass stop is???


antoinolachtnai Registered User

I *think* there's one at the pedestrian bridge at Malahide Road, other side of bypass from the Pavilions s/c. I think there is also one just past the airside retail park junction.

You can have a look in Google StreetView to get the exact location.

TontoMurphy Registered User

Thanks... I'll have a look now..

dead air Registered User

Haven't taken this bus in a while but I remember the Bus Eireann drivers would usually stop on the Swords bypass at:

(towards Dublin direction)
* Near Woodies DIY (near pedistrian bridge)
* Pavillions (near pedistrian bridge)
* Between Pinnock Hill roundabout and Airside

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