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I thought Rebecca turned the kid and that Marcus killed the two bullies, making it look like the kid had done it. I must re-watch the last few mins of Ep 9.


you are correct, bishop/marcus made it seem the turned kid killed the bullies.


Best episode of the season!....tense, bloody, characters killed off, namely Marcus and Rebecca!....lots of info and plots revealed, really upped the anti with that one and setting up a standoff finale!

Bishop tryna off the Dutch was balsy and he's now on collision course with all the other families, BH has been a total surprise for me in that it has been engrossing, interesting, well made and scripted.

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... but still nowhere near as good as the original


boneyarsebogman said:
... but still nowhere near as good as the original

have you seen the US version from start to finish?....the music was great also!

Bishop poisons the Dutch with juniper, slaughters them save for one who's rescued by Aiden and rebecca

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I'm glad that they are going a different route (or rather a similar but much sped up route). I am enjoying it as much as the UK one to be honest.


WOAH!....absolute SHOCKER final scene, Bishop crashing through the window, stabs Aiden in the chest, he's not been invited in (Bishop) and starts to burn up....jumps out the window again!!!!

Bloody awesome + shocking, fantastic stuff!....the makeup effects of Sally were absolute ACE!, she looked gory as hell in a near zombie like state, Sally kicked ass in this ep.!

Josh, great...someone working at the hospital tried to kill Aiden, a vampire, and Josh staked her good!, lots of great backstory scenes as well in the 70's, looked really good with the clothes and hair....the outdoor scenes shot in the falling snow looked great.

Man i'm well impressed by that ep. and the show overalll!....season finale next week so hoping for a cracker!!!!!


Shaping up to be an excellent season finale next week!



Honestly, while it was a pretty good season finale i think ep. 12 would have served a cliffhanger/finale MUCH better!....Bishop dead?????

Wtf?....they kill off a fantastic character in Bishop?, but i guess it shows that like TVD they are willing to kill off anyone and no one is safe!!, Nora loses the baby + now a wolf???....Josh scrathed her!

Sally, now able to touch objects?...ooh!, it was a decent ep. but i felt it didn't have a big cliffhanger one would expect, look forward to season 2!

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I started to watch the BBC version, it's quite good, seems to be running at about twice the pace of the US version (well, I guess that should read the US version is about half as fast ). I've seen up to S01E06 and it's more or less the same as the US season 1 - I'm wondering should I go and watch seasons two and three now and risk spoiling the US one

I like both; I don't think there has to be a case of liking one and disliking the other.

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I thought I read the creators of the US version were going to do original storylines next year.

Either way.. if you've started the UK version, keep at it. It's really superb.

The third seasons dips in quality in the middle but last 2-3 episodes are fantastic.


SCORE!....Dichen Lachman [Dollhouse] has been cast in season 2



Wicked!...lovin' this SPOILERY news, makes perfect sense as well...gotta love flashbacks!



Season 2 returns Monday, January 16th 2012 for 13 episodes.

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