I am starting my own consulting businesses and have recently got my first bits and pieces of work. I am gearing up my infrastructure and before I phone Bloomberg sales, I was wondering if anyone could share with me their experiences of getting Bloomberg Professional as an individual / small company.

I assume there will be some kind of trial period. I was just wondering how long people had generally been able to get / negotiate / extend etc. Looking for a bit of colour before I call up their sales.



Not sure if they provide a 30 day demo or anything, probably better to phone them directly and ask but far as I know, it costs around 1,500 dollars a month for the standard subscription to the service with you providing the hardware and multiple monitors if required (usually at least 2 depending).

If you want to extend to their trading system it was an awful lot more, as well as requiring multiple terminals. They'll give you better info themselves on the phone.

Another alternative I've seen used is the one from InteractiveData - http://www.interactivedata.com/index.php/home which might be worth considering if Bloomberg is too expensive of an outlay initially, and assuming InteractiveData's system also suits your needs.


thanks for that input, and always good to know there are other providers out there. You dont need the bloomberg hardware any more though - bloomberg professional can just be downloaded onto a laptop, with all the bloomberg functionality. It is expensive but got a short trial - hopefully wont crash the laptop!

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