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any older folk been on a european sun holiday where it isn't totally kiddie orientated? Hotel or villa with pool ideal, by sea or not. I can't face the thoughts of a pool swarming with kids and their entertainers.
Would also prefer not to have thumping nightclub or external music within earshot. And no, I don't want an old people's home. Just a holiday suitable for people whose kids are old enough not to want to come with us anymore.

I am also thinking of a few days in Scandinavia. Is there a difference between Norway and Sweden. I imagine the culture is similar, but is it?
Is one country cheaper than the other?
Thanks for any information.

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I've heard Madeira is popular with the 40+ travellers, I don't know what age you are and don't want to insult you! but it may be an option

another place to consider would be Vilamoura in the algarve in Portugal,

other than that, I'd say any resort would be ok as long as you don't go when the kids are off school. we always plan our hols for October so we don't get stuck listening to screaming kiddies on our week away!

Don't know anything about scandinavia I'm afraid

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