OP, be wary of a lot of these recommendations, some of them are very much a meat market for the older party lover, but you're as likely to find swingers and over 50's as you are an older than the average night club goer venue.

I think nightclubs and the over 30's is a bit of an oxymoron. Mostly because the nightclub scene has gotten very old by that stage. (in my late 20's and have been over night clubs for a few years now), the best place to meet people and have a great night for the slightly older crowd is usually in bars that can have live music etc., but not a night club really.

There are lots of bars around Grafton st that personally I quite like, such as Keoghs, The Duke, other bars like O'Donoghues on Baggot St. (and most Baggot St. bars) have an older crowd, Staggs head, 4 Dame Lane is more nightclubby, but can have an older crowd, also places like Sin e and the Stephens Green end Camden St are decent.

A lot of places in the suburbs too, such as Russels in Ranelagh, which is a good area for the 30 somethings to socialise.

If it's strictly nightclubs you're looking for, then a lot of the over 30's and specific 80's / 90's nights in clubs as suggested are your best bet.

Just a few ideas, hope it helps.

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oncebitten Registered User

OP you're not even 30 yet! Those over 30s nightclubs are waaaay over 30s if you know what I mean. I'm in my early 30s and just go out to wherever I want - try any of the late bars/clubs between George's Street and Camden Street, the Grand Social, Twisted Pepper, Krystle, No 5, the Sugar Club, 4 Dame Lane etc etc. There will be people in their 20s, people in their 30s and probably a few older than that too.

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trellheim Registered User

O'Sheas on the quays opposite the Brazen head is an experience on a Saturday night if you prefer the more mature end of things.

Bookem Danno Registered User

Thought I would add my couple of cents on the over 30s plus Dublin single scene. My experience is as follows ; firstly Bojanjges, used to be great before they made it linked to Dicyes garden and all that happens now is young people coming down to laugh at the "desperate". I was there last December and counted 12 people in it at 1.30 am. It’s exactly the same that happened to the brilliant Dance Macarbe before they opened the private older club up to the howl at the moon messers. (although don’t hold it against them, I was young myself ). Then there is O’Seas which has the makings of a good night apart from a well dodgy element that go there, but some genuine people too, a much older crowd . Barrys Hotel? Forget it, a fraction of the sise it was and mostly a local crowd and a few bewildered, no nurses in sight. Sachs Hotel then which was a legend is history, its called Ice cream or something now and wants to be Krystal. Rain gets the crowd, but a lot of the women that go there are even rougher than the men, and handbags disappear a lot I am told. So what does that leave? The answer is not much. People are internet dating and travelling in my opinion. If anyone can advise any different I would like to hear. Cheers
Also I hear some people go away for weekends in England for the clubs, would anyone know any good ones?

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Spiritofthekop Registered User

Smyths & McSorlys in Ranelagh are good for the late 20's early 30's people.

Both late Bars until 3am.

cmore123 Registered User

Have to say I am not from dublin but am there often and went to BoJos (Bojangles) - empty as another poster said, Rain - ROUGH - knackerville!!! And as for O'Shea's (Merchant) opposite Brazen Head.... go in to gaze in amazement at the oldest, muttonest dressed as lamb, roughest and knackerist crowd in Dublin on their night out!!!! Wow - rough....
Vanilla in the old Sachs.... only there once, younger crowd.

John Mason Hosted Moderator

and you dragged up a year old thread for ......................

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rico345 Registered User

am new to dublin. just moved here from the uk. am 35 year old male. don't really want to go clubbing on my own, any other single men looking to meet women in dublin? maybe we can meet for a pint and then go out on the pull?


Boards is a discussion forum, not a meet up site. Thread Closed, asis the other one

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