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Yes - it is in the public domain, and anyone who wishes to access it can do so. However, we do not publish the home addresses and personal details of ANY individual on Boards.

The deletion of this data is consistent with the approach we have taken in previous, similar cases.

In short, if you want the information, get it yourselves.

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dudara said:
However, we do not publish the home addresses and personal details of ANY individual on Boards.

And I agree with that.
At risk of sounding like I'm repeating myself, I asked why their names can't be published. I can appreciate that publishing addresses and DOBs is a bit much, as it could give rise to a 'real life' witch hunt, as opposed an internet based one. I appreciate boards.ie doesn't want to sow seeds of this sort it; it just seems like a bit much in this case.
I only ask as I would have thought like yourself - that this (names) would be fair game.
Perhaps an admin could clarify?

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Mum's been hit with this lot. Don't know how they got her number as she didnt sign up for anything. No one answers the phone at inkred. Got their email and asked how they got her number. Missed the call this morning, first they said they got message to call her and didnt iknow what it was about yet all my emails were replys and all corrispondance would be in the email and they said they would write to her with the details. When she asked them if she would get her credit back they just said she would have to reply to the letter. Called comreg, they said inkred have 10 working days to get letter to her. They gave a ref and any issues call back.
Mum only remembers texts from vodafone and o2. more of them and come through but no credit removed so they are ok.


jor el said:
Why? OP didn't read the terms of what they were entering, and signed up to a subscription service. How does one's own laziness translate to the operator being sneaky feckers?

I'm no fan of these premium services, but if you can't be bothered to read what you're subscribing to, then it's tough titty.
These subscription services are anything but innocent, they are cunning thieves that will go to any lengths to con people and play on their ignorance to try and get away with it.

Last year I successfully claimed back €9 from Cuddly TV after I brought the matter up with Comreg. The company deliberately placed a push button add very close to the send button on a subsidized communications app on my IPhone. I forwarded a text message and mistakenly activated their services. It wasn't until I got a bill from 02 that I noticed that the amount of €9 was charged. I was refunded the full amount, there are many out there that would let this slip and let these thieving scum get away with it.

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spookwoman Registered User

Mum doesnt have internet on phone just a big button OAP phone. She does facebook, pigsback, gsk media serveys and buys stuff from amazon thats all. She has not signed up for anything that required her number. She knows not to as she was hit a few years back for entering an RTE quide competition. Woman from InkRed was very evasive when questioned.

spookwoman Registered User

Update - Got letter from Inkred and they say my mum entered a comp on their website on the 25th april, a text was sent to mobile with pin and pin was entered on website. This is complete and utter b****x! She never went to site, never got a pin and never entered a pin into any site. Called comreg with update. Have emailed letter, emails to and from them and email from pigsback. lets see will contact o2 to see o2 to see if text was sent to her on the 25th after 9pm. Lying ........ grrrrr

Srameen Registered User

Could be as simple as someone entering an incorrect phone number.

spookwoman Registered User

No way. She is adament nothing like this happened. no text with pin etc. She rarely uses the phone and only to phone my brother. I have to do the texting for her.

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This abuse and exploitation could be very easily stopped. All that ComReg has to do is bar the use of the "reverse billing" facility for all "fun" items. In addition those other items to be allowed use that facility, such as news alerts, weather forecasts, travel updates etc, must be registered and licenced to do so. Any abuse should be a criminal offence. Can anyone out there offer an explanation as to why this cannot be done? After the Mahon report surely we are all sick to the back teeth with corruption of all sorts and we want it stopped. Let's have it ComReg, why are you lot sitting on your hands?

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doleman2010 Banned

Too many people making very easy money out of this so called industry, the comreg call centre is just an assimilation of the old regtel crowd , who were industry set up and funded anyway.
Mobile networks dont give a dam as they are making the most from the scams .
I took on these shower of scum a year ago when they robbed a DECEASED family members phone acc. It took me a year but I persisted and I got the money back from O2 and a written apology from the CEO .
But along the way they were quite happy to provide totally false opt in logs and to lie to comreg and regtel , both of whom sided with O2 on the matter until their lies fell apart .
There are some very arrogant and nasty people working in that side of the business .

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spookwoman Registered User

I phoned o2 the other day and they say their logs only go back as far as the start of march.thought they had to keep logs back further

spookwoman Registered User

Remembered something about call activity on o2's site logged in and got the logs going back to the 24th. The first text from them was on the 3/3/12 They say mum went to site on 25/2/12 @ 21.43:44 they texted pin and she put it on site. B*ll*x! At 25/2/12 21.44 mum was talking to my brother on the phone and its listed on the logs no text or anything from them. The previous activity on phone was to brother the previous day. There was no activity on phone till the 3/3/12 and it was from them. Screen shots sent to comreg to update their file.

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doleman2010 Banned

I can see where this is going , very similar to our situation ,.
I demanded the call logs from them and got them but when they didnt tally with their story,they done a u turn and claimed that the opt in was not done on the phone after all . O2 claimed the opt in was done via the internet with the texts being sent to the phone also confirming this , but as they were only recieved texts by the phone they couldnt produce any proof of this.
I demanded they internet opt in times and dates from O2 and was supplied with a totally fabricated document .
With the time and date given it was absolutely impossible for my dead son or anyone else to have subscibed to the sevice in the way they claimed .
All this work took months and months .
When they were caught out and confronted with their fabricted evidence they became extreemly agressive with us , at this stage I had eneough evidence to to to the Gardai with .
But all we wanted was our dead sons money returned and an apology ,but that itself took further months .
If you are able and willing to take them on go for it.

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spookwoman Registered User

I don't plan on letting this go. Bit more looking o2 are network partners with modeva (modeva.ie), modeva client is inkred (inkred.ie) website ns is modeva.ie, prizeclub.ie is operated by Inkred and powered by Modeva prizeclub.ie ns is also modeva.ie. do a whois on each domain and same names.

doleman2010 Banned

Well done , dont even bother with their customer care division in Limerick apart from using them to get call logs .
The people who are involved in this are in O2s hq in Dublin , ie their wholesale division where they have the partnerships with the various third parties .
Some of these content providers or platform providers are located outside of the state so legally they cannot be touched by anyone here also they are untouchable by the authorities in their own countries as any alleged incident has been commited here .
That leaves the network provider here solely responsible as they are in the juristiction of the state .
The fraud and security division of that company are also based with the sales division .
In our situation within a couple of hours of me making our initial complaint to O2, they had amended their records to try to prevent the matter going any further.

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