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i am currently with vodafone and their broadband service is cutting out literally tens of times a day. Last night it dropped 4 times in the space of an hour! Anyway..

Thinking of switching to upc but since they use cable i wanted to know if it is possible to wire the telephone socket coming from upc's modem straight into the master phone socket in my house. That way the phone extensions in my house could still connect the existing phones and fax machine.
can i even use a fax machine with upc?

Also i have an home alarm system that has a dialer that calls my mobile whenever the alarm goes off. Can this be made to work with upc?

Does anyone know how this would work or has anyone even tried it?

slave1 Registered User

Can't comment on Fax/Alarm however did connect up UPC to my main telephone distribution box, some phones worked and some didn't, down to make of phone, they ones that were not compatible were BT Voyagers.

watty Registered User

Make sure and disconnect the eircom line coming into house.

The home alarm will work as long as it's not phone watch or using a monitoring centre. eircom Phonewatch needs a GSM module if not using eircom line.

Fax can work on such a system (I use Fax on Digiweb Metro). It depends on how UPC have implemented it.

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legomanx51v Registered User

its good to know that connecting to the master socket directly should enable the home phone wiring. i have some wireless panasonic phone so it should work.

the home alarm is a standard dialer, it just dials a preset number and plays a recorded message. again this should work right?

anyone tried send/recieve faxes with upc?

thanks for the quick replies.

pat1981 Registered User

I was with eircom and had monitored alarm with topsecurity. I changed over to upc phone and was advised by my alarm installer to purchase a gsm dialer with sim card. (I think thats the name of it. If the alarm goes off the sim card texts my mobile a message. I can also set/unset alarm from mobile). The monitoring won't work with upc, well that was the case 11 months ago.
The fax works fine for incoming and outgoing, hope this helps.

SupraSonic_26 Registered User

as some people have said connecting to main socket for phones it will work but comes down the the phoen some will work some wont again thsi applies with the fax machine, as for the hosue alarm as stated has to be a gsm dialler if its not connected to your house phone line youll be ok.

quigo Registered User

I've been trying to connect my upc box with a regular phone cable which I cut the jack off at one end.

I'm getting the four standard cables red, green, white & blue. My master socket has 2 cables in it, the eircom cable (which I've disconnected) and the second distribution cable for the house. It has four wires, white & blue, blue & white, orange & white & white and orange.

I tried to connect the green and red wires to the blue & white wires but this hasn't worked. Can anyone please tell me if I've wired up the connection incorrectly? or do I need to use a specific type of cable to connect the upc box to the master socket?

I've only got one cordless phone connected to the existing wiring system to reduce any problems that I may get from a lack of voltage being supplied, do I need to further boost the voltage?

quigo Registered User

For anyone who ever attempts this. A standard telephone cable will to the job. Connect the centre two wires (in my case red & green) to the corresponding wires in the master socket, (blue/white & white/blue) and you get the dial tone.

According to UPC the box will provide about 45volts, this is below the standard supply that the Eircom line gives. As as result only phones that have an AC power supply will work on the phone system.

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