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Which study aid book is best for the LC? Out of revise wise, rapid revision, less stress more success and etc? Or are they not worth it at all? Better of just doing the exam papers over and over?

Teutorix Registered User

exam skills geography is the best geography revision book, cant say for the other subjects unfortunately.

RainbowDrops Registered User

Personally I find the Revise Wise the best but I guess it depends on the subject

wayhey Registered User

From my experience the Rapid Revision is the best for Chemistry, goes well with the book.

Second that Geography book if it's the Key Skills one by Mentor, written by Sue Horan- does sample answers up to 2008. Some of the answers have some of the same SRPs as Dynamic Human Geography, but it's still worth it, especially if you're using Today's World or ECO imo.

Got the Revise Wise (maybe?) Biology book by Michael Callaghan off my cousin. I like his textbook, wasn't too impressed with the revision book though I only flicked through it. Rapid Revision for Ag Science is pretty good too although it's missing a little bit (but sure isn't everything unfortunately).

Smaointe! is pretty good for preparing Aistí for Irish... Cabhair agus Cúnamh by Elizabeth Wade (and someone else... Yvonne Toole maybe?) is pretty good if you're struggling with An Triail. Always been a fan of Key Skills by Mentor too, covers all the poets, Comparative (though only Il Postino, Lies of Silence and Dancing at Lughnasa- but good for looking at essays I think) and the Single Text.

Anyone know of any good poetry books? I've got New Discovery but it's pretty useless notes-wise. I used Poety Now by (by Niall McGonagle...?) last year, I liked it... is it good or are there better ones out there? I'm looking for one with good notes after each poem with a good, clear text (one of the reasons I liked Poetry Now - worth getting the 2011 one?)

That's all the revision books I know of anyway

jumpguy Registered User

Exam Edge has to be the best for physics anyway. There's one out there for chemistry too but I don't have it, I've heard it's good though, I must get it. I dunno if it's available for other subjects.

Maybe_Memories Registered User

jumpguy said:
Exam Edge has to be the best for physics anyway.


Liveit Registered User

Rapid revision not the best for physics no?

Coeurdepirate Registered User

English: Key Notes
Chemistry: Rapid Revision
Biology: Revise Wise

Steer clear of Less Stress More Success as a general rule of thumb.

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