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I was passing the back roads around Dublin airport yesterday and noticed alot of Skylarks singing in the long grass on the inside of the boundary fence , felt really spring like especially with the car saying it was 15C. Also alot of Curlew and Starlings in the grass areas, every few minutes the fire service where firing flares to disperse them and flocks of them would take off across the runway to the other side.

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New Monty Halls series started on BBC2 tonight - spending 8 months working in a small English fishing village.

It's funny, I've never really gone in for the whole 'Oh the Irish are a real friendly people' lark. But having seen the crowd in this series, they didn't seem the most friendly and welcoming bunch!

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About six o' clock this evening I witnessed an incredible sight, maybe 5000 Geese, Im guessing Brent, I couldn't put a real number on it, where flying in a sort of swarm very high up in the vicinity of Broadmeadows estuary. I live near Dublin airport so I would be 3-5km away and could see them with the naked eye there was that many of them. I got the binoculars out to have a better look, it was incredible watching them. I lost sight of them as it got too dark. Would these Geese be begining their migration or just gathering to roost for the night?

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A great sight Bsal. I remember a few years ago working outdoors late at night and suddenly the moon came out from behind the clouds. As I looked up I saw the silhouette of rows and rows of geese fly past for about 15 minutes. They were just little specs in the sky they were so high.

On a different note... Good quality nest cam of Bald eagles sitting on two eggs. If anyone else has good feeds please share

EDIT: Make that 3 eggs. Amazing how small the eggs are for such a large bird.

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Anyone know the best spot in Phoenix park to see Deer, or any good spots to see birds? Going to the zoo tomorrow and bringing a camera, and I know there's much of Phoenix park I have yet to explore!

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I had my first Marsh Harrier sighting in months yesterday. Partridge were also out and about in the open. Would have got some great shots had the Harriers not been distracting me - practically fell over them!

Coming down the M4/M6 this morning, a single Lapwing and a single Buzzard sighting, and I think a couple of Kestrels.



I've always hated the poo id threads on this forum but yesterday found myself "knowing" pine marten poo when I saw it thanks

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And so the system works!

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A nice Sparrowhawk pic opening the weather forecast on RTE today.

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My female Sparrowhawk is back after a 6-7 week absence, and is being a bit of a pest to be honest. Killed two of my Sparrows today, could be even more that I did'nt see. On the second kill one of the Yellowhammers was feeding on the ground but had a lucky escape. I have a feeling the Sparrowhawk is feeding its chicks now so this is going to go on for a while.

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"Sure they were only nuns sparrows".


Saw my second ever stoat today, first one was on the farm, this one crossed the road in front of me, stopping to have a look before moving on.

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And we have chicks

Starlings..going by the discarded shells.

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SE Owl spotted at Boora yesterday.

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