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looks great LB

what is the name of the mossy plant carpeting its way around the front of your tank on the right?

your pic is making me nostalgic for the 4 footer I had years ago before I moved abroad...had some cracking big Angelfish in it, and an expensive discus genocide come to think of it.

Limerick Bandit Registered User

The carpeting plant is Hemianthus callitrichoides or for short its called HC

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telecaster said:

Do I need the pump filter to keep plants alive?

No you don't- plants will grow quite happily without water agitation and once the plants are thriving the water will not become stagnant

Also do I need to cycle the tank before I add plants or can I do that once the water is up to temperature?

No - actually adding plants will help the tank to cycle faster

For loads more info on filterless planted tanks have a look at this website


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