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At XGC in Dublin, we'll have a Tekken 6 BR Tournament this Sunday, 19th December, 2010. Free play and registrations from 13:00-14:00. The tournament will start at 14:00 SHARP!

Rules for the tournament:

1) Entrance fee will be 5 euro. All the money will be collected by me before the tournament. Each player's name will be put down on a list. Any player may check the list at any time. Players who decide to leave the tournament after the first round is played will get no refund.
2) I will try to determine the prize in the way that the first three places will get their fee back, if possible. All depends on the number of players. Last time it came to the point that players got money back and they only paid 3 euro each for the whole tournament.
3) Depending on the number of players, we'll play either Everyone plays Everyone (if a small number of participants) or double eliminations (if 8,16, etc.) Possibly first to three, maybe even first to five.
4) 60 seconds games, guard damage off, first stage random, loser choses the next stage.
5) A player who lost the previous round may change his character with the same opponent.
6) If a player feels he is being counterpicked, he may ask me to make his character choice in secret.
7) Players who are caught cheating in the game lose the whole tournament and will be asked to leave! (usually possible with programmable sticks)
8) Verbal abuse (as "You're cheap!", "You suck!", etc.) and any other forms of mistreating will not be tolerated.
9) Shoulder buttons allowed. Each player must check and configure his shoulder buttons BEFORE the first round each game. Later changing will not be allowed unless the opponent doesn't mind.
10) If a player presses the START button during any stage of play, that player immediately loses that particular round.
11) Player who is late for his match will be asked to grow up. A player who is constantly late for his matches will be asked to leave the tournament.
12) Left or right side of play is determined randomly by coin toss, unless both players agree with each player's choice.
13) The prize will be determined by the number of players and the time the tournament takes to finish. The price for one console being used is usually 5 euro per hour, during our tournaments is halved. So, the remaining money will be distributed to first three places, in 60/30/10 fashion. (We'll see.)
14) PS3 version of the game.
15) Wireless PS3 controllers banned, unless battery removed. (we always ignore this one, as never anything bad happened)

List at the moment:

1) Triademan (K.O.I.F.)
2) Mantys (org)
3) Nani
4) Kickers
5) Ezzda (%)
6) Shogun
7) Batman_oh (%)
8) ... least the last place anyone??? If interested, please post here.

@ Jeff: Can you please ask Aaron or Dom? I don't have any contact. Merci.

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Dreddybajs Registered User

Looks good mantys, hope it goes well for you.

mantys Registered User

Unfortunately, Triademan will probably not make it this Sunday.

List at the moment:

1) Triademan (K.O.I.F.) (%)
2) Mantys (org)
3) Nani
4) Kickers
5) Ezzda (%)
6) Shogun
7) Batman_oh (%)
8) ...

K.O.Kiki Registered User

I would love to, but I have an assignment due that, if I fail to complete it, I fail my whole year.

mantys Registered User

If Triademan doesn't make it this Sunday and more players don't respond, I thing the best thing will be just to play for fun. Test other players' skills and so on.

bush Registered User

mantys said:
Test other players' skills and so on.

Test you well

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Sairus Registered User

mantys said:
If Triademan doesn't make it this Sunday and more players don't respond, I thing the best thing will be just to play for fun. Test other players' skills and so on.

Regardless of attentance I'd still recommend running the tournament as planned.

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mantys Registered User

bush said:
Test you well


Anyway, I think we can still run it as a tournament. They are definitely open tomorrow, I asked them today and the guy will give us the usual discount.
So guys see yous there tomorrow. Don't forget to bring your sticks, controllers and copies of the game!!!
Registrations and free play from 13:00-14:00. The tournament starts at 14:00.
We'll probably use round-robin system.

Good luck to you all!

nani Registered User

Hey - Mantys.

I dont want ot be a jerk, but if it nobody besides you can confirm that they would come it would be nonsese for us to come.
I apreciate your work put in this, but atlest two players would be nice if they came (either Batman or Triademan).

So please guys if one of you could confirm yourself I would apreciate it, as you have to understand that me and my buddys have played the hell out of each other and are looking for new challenges. So dont get me wrong here as to backing out at the last moment.

So if we get one more confirm I can assure you will be there!!

Doctor DooM Moderator

Guys, seriously.

Do you actually want the Irish Tekken scene to grow?

If you do, you need to be going to casuals regularly. You need to organise tournaments, and when you say you will, you need to go through with them and not cancel or not show up at the last minute.

Every single Tekken tournament I've seen started organised here has been mired by this stuff. You don't see it with SF or Blaz Blue.

I've played in SF tournaments where 4 people have showed up.

I've also played in ones with over 50 people.

But if you don't start small you'll never get big.

So what if there's only 2 or 3 people? 4 months ago the Irish BB scene was effectively 2 people. But they kept meeting up and gradually it grew.

There will never be other people showing up to help the scene get bigger if you don't put the ground work in first.

I know this might seem harsh but it has to be said.

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mantys Registered User

The meet up is still on. So if you can show up and play, please do. I'll be there from 13:00. We should start at 14:00.
Sorry for the chaos guys!

K.O.Kiki Registered User

Irish Tekken scene confirmed for dead.

See you for TTT2 (or not...)

nani Registered User

Were commin anyways. Se ya there if anybody comes!

mantys Registered User

Interesting, that more and more people would like to play, but it still doesn't work out. It's really hard. Some people work during weekends, some are shy, some suffer from severe misanthropy (me) and some don't even bother.
If we want it to work, all the players must give some input into it.
We can say this all over again...just TRY, a little bit. Sonner or later it will work out!

When I look at the scene in Slovakia (where I come from), there were TWO people travelling around the country to find more players. Now, they have a community, they post their own videos on the web and stuff.

And here we can't even put 8 people together for an odd tournament.

chopperbyrne Registered User

We had sixteen players for a T6 tournament a few months ago and none of the Tekken players turned up.

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