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Thanks man

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Is this possible, have had a look on the net and it says it is in several places but doesnt go into any detail on how to set it up.


Just create a new user, then create a new PSN account then select UK instead of Ireland for country. Once thats all done sign into your new account and 4oD should be there were RTE player was.

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Or you could just go to this website on the PS3 browser its the 4Od playstation page

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Good stuff, thanks guys.

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Ignore me I figured it out.


Is there any way of getting all available channels shown on the PS3 XMB ?

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mixednuts said:
Is there any way of getting all available channels shown on the PS3 XMB ?

No you have to create different accounts for different countries

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I have a UK PS3 but you can just type in the address for 4OD and UTV player in the broswer.

I got RTE player working by going to

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Will the TG4 Beo player ever be available like the RTÉ player?


I hope it is. TG4 uses a superb quality stream

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just set up a UK account and BBC, ITV, 4od all appeared after i reset my system, but 4od is the only one that works. The BBC have copped it and realised because an error show's up saying it cannot broadcast outside of the UK, it would seem they know the score. ITV player has an error message appear saying that the programme cannot be found, maybe they've copped on too. 4od works fine with good quality streaming although me personally i dislike it because of the lack of programmes that interest me.

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Sucks. I ain't too bothered about 4oD to b honest, don't watch THAT much on Channel4, and I think most of what I watch wouldn't be as high a priority for 4oD as other stuff, so I ain't to bothered bout creating a UK account if 4oD is the only one that works.

I really want BBC and ITV players. I watch a lot of stuff on them, and when I miss stuff - like my darn Sky box switched over and the dvd of an ITV programme I was recording the other nite got an hour of a MTV channel instead! - I wanna be able to watch them on the players. I think it would be really good if we can get them.

As to the RTE one, the quality is crap, and they don't show much of anything. The one thing I missed once and went looking for on the player they were not showing, and I really thought they would have. It was an RTE created programme, and very popular etc but nope no dice. So I don't bother with the RTE player.

The BBC player is the same on the Wii. You can't get it at all if you are set to Irish. If you change your settings to UK you can get it, you can see what programmes are offered and all, but when you try to watch one it says not available in your area or some such. So no dice their either

No fair

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Everytime I try to load a video on the 4OD app (UK account) it just goes back to the main screen, anyone else having this issue or know a way around it?



love 4od on the ps3

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