Last August I was banned permanently from the Commuting & Transport forum. The reason was for being disruptive. The moderator that issued the ban was Calina. I requested examples of where I was disruptive to the extent that I was breaking the charter. No examples were provided.

I appealed to the category mods and received this reply;

Hi DWCommuter,

it appears you didn't receive an earlier PM from me in respect of the ban - for which a typo of mine is to blame, so my apologies for that.

The gist of the issue is that you had been warned before in respect of behaviour in the forum, and had been told that you would be banned on further disruptive behaviour. In the view of the mods of the forum, you continued to be disruptive (and I can't see that your behaviour on that thread could be seen as anything else) and the ban happened. That seems a fairly straight causal chain to me, and I don't really see anything in that to cause us to overturn the ban. I don't pretend to be able to understand the ins and outs of commuter group politics, so there's not much I can do on that front, either, I fear.

What is on the table is a reduction of the ban to three months, with the proviso that any further disruption, however slight, will result in a permanent ban.

If that's acceptable, we can proceed on that basis - if not, your next step is to take the appeal to the Admins via the Help Desk.

Once again, my apologies for misrouting my earlier PM to you.


I responded by asking for time to consider the options. After some thought, I asked could the ban be reduced to two months and clearly stated that I would adhere to the conditions.

No response.

The weeks passed.

Coming up towards the end of the 3 month period originally offered, I PM'd Scofflaw yet again requesting a response and lifting of the ban after the 3 months. Once again I reiterated my agreement to the conditions.

No response.

I'm still banned from the forum despite being offered a reduction to a 3 month ban.

So here I am in dispute resolution.


Just wondering if the Cat Mods or forum mods are going to comment on this in order to get the ball rolling? I appreciate its all voluntary.

Tom Dunne Comfortably numb

I've PM'ed the two category moderators to ask them to post in here.

Scofflaw Registered User

End of year scramble, I'm afraid, and checking back with the C&T mods that this was still OK. I now have buy-in for the removal of that ban, so I have now removed it.



We are resolved so.

Thanks Scofflaw.

Tom Dunne Comfortably numb

Cool, thanks All.

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