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Anyone else think Billy the Serial Killer is gonna make an appearance in ME 3? Really hope there is a side mission based around him.

boneyarsebogman Registered User

Was that Ashley? I thought it was Miranda.

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boneyarsebogman said:
Was that Ashley? I thought it was Miranda.

When Ashley made her brief appearance in the Demo, I was there, Oh new female character, no its Miranda, no its Ashley, no its Mir.................oh it is Ashley, serious makeover since 2.

boneyarsebogman Registered User

I hope the Rachni make an appearance in Mass Effect 3 - possibly coming to your aid against the Reapers.

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boneyarsebogman said:
I hope the Rachni make an appearance in Mass Effect 3 - possibly coming to your aid against the Reapers.

If you kept them alive in Mass Effect 1 I don't see why not.

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Varik said:
From the EA site it seems so, you get all the pre-order stuff when buying off EAs origin but that's PC only and i think it €49 for the standard with the CE being pointless and €20 more.
Thanks for the reply i should of said that in my post that i am looking for the Ps3 version of the Collector's Edition with the N7 Warfare Pack sorry.

I've sent off a E-mail to asking about the Warfare Pack hopefully they'll get back to me soon.

I'd like to order it from but I've had some problems with my last order from them that's made me a bit hesitant ordering from them again.

degrassinoel Assume the position

whats the story with the origin(pc) europe release date? is it actually the 6th for digi versions or is it the 9th with everyone else?


The demo was ridiclously short, but enjoyable.

The recoil ont he pistol is painful though, rather than being realistic, it just gave me a headache.

The way a couple of the characters ran in the demo was also ridiculous and was more reminiscent of Superman 64 type graphics/mechanics than Mass Effect.

The multiplayer is basically killing waves of enemies, which isn't the type of co-op I'd have liked personally. I won't worry too much about the multiplayer anyway.

Skyrim has me entertained for the moment so pending a few reviews I'll wait to buy ME3.

Zero-Cool Wanted Level

Full length trailer, even more epic!

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Zero-Cool Wanted Level

Quite a bit of ME news, looks like bioware/ea is trying to squeeze every peeny outta the franchise!


Get N7 armour for your console


Buy ME clothes and accessories for xbox avatars


Preorder a digital copy on PSN and get extra content and a theme


DLC pops up early on market place, presumably by accident and can contain spoilers so not checking it for more info:


Prototype for ME figures. I want Garrus!

Viral Vector Registered User

So how much is the Collecter's Edition?

It was originally €80 but it's listed as €85 on Gamestops website. How much is it instore?

SeantheMan Registered User

sheehy83 said:


Prototype for ME figures. I want Garrus!

And I wan't this as a haloween costume. Coolest cosplay ever !

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Great more day one DLC BS. This is an entertainment medium NOT a product like a car for example,Bioware if your looking for good reviews and not seem like stingy money grabbing A-holes your cant expect to release a "base model" version of your game. You wouldnt get away with this **** with movies, could you imagine cutting out 20 mins of a movie and asking people to pay more for the full version in the cinema? You'd never get the idea off the bleeding ground. In movies I understand we will see parts cut from the cinema release for pacing and content purposes but at best then what does this say for the content that was developed yet cut? That its sub par and wasnt worthy of the final product.... and thats portraying the developers / publishers in the best light possible. We all know that they wouldnt cut this content for pacing purposes if that was the case they wouldnt have spent the man hours making the content in the first place.

I can understand DLC released a few months after release as a means of revenue generation and adding to an experience but day 1 DLC basically says we had enough staff and resources to complete this and have it in the game as part of an overall richer experience but we decided to cut it out and sell it separately in order to grab more cash. You cant justify day one DLC as content that woudnt have made a release deadline.... it is quite plainly a means to remove non essential content from a game in order to cut down the experience to make more money.

I love racing games but I simply refused to buy Forza for pulling this BS and I am seriously considering bypassing ME3 because of this. The whole thing reeks of cash grab. Politely Bioware and EA.... go fist yourselves, go fist yourselves all the way up to the elbow.

I really hope companies like Nintendo , MS and Sony man up someday and enforce a min period time frame on DLC for games released on their platforms. For example DLC can only be released a month after a games launch. Its in their own best interest as people getting a game on their platform can then be assured that the content wasnt cut in anyway in order to rake more cash.

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Bioware can make Day 1 dlc but can't put controller support into the PC Version due to time.

Nody Servant of Cthulhu

Don't like day 1 DLCs? Wait for the GOTY edition. You don't HAVE to play a game on release day and it is all the people buying it on day 1 that drives the day 1 DLC attitude as well (have to recover maximum profit in first month).

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