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Looking for an Android app to measure speed, average, max etc
and also distance covered (while skiing)

Has anyone here any experience of these , are they accurate
and do they use data

Not really interested in overlaying the route on google maps
Dont want the phone to use data (while abroad) could be expensive, so hoping GPS signal is all that is required to calculate speed, distance
Here are two I came accross



Scotty # Registered User

I use SpeedView and find it excellent. Does not use data.

Gives max, avg, distance, time stopped, 0-60, 1/4 mile, altitude, heading, speed (doh!)...

Easy to overlay on google earth (google maps is very poor with .gbx).

Apparently much more accurate than your cars speedo. I've used it in several vehicles and find the cars speedo to always show 2-5 faster than GPS.

Only fault is one or two 'spikes' where speed drops to 0 for a second or goes to 300mph for a second. I think going under big bridges etc causes this where the signal is lost for a second. No fault of the app though.

EDIT: ohh chít... just re-read your post.

Bluefoam Registered User

I use sports tracker. Excellent app

Coriolanus Registered User

I thought gps had issues with measuring verticals? Wouldn't that be a factor on determining speed on a slope etc?

k123456 Registered User

One question spings to mind, imagine your phone goes into standby, does the GPS switch off, go into standby when the phone is in standby

Khannie Make your dreams happen

I think mapmyrun will do that for you. You can turn off the mapping bit by just disabling data while abroad. It will still measure your distance, average speed, yada yada.

calum Registered User

Google have their own app for this called "My Tracks", which is nice and simple and seems to work well.

kippy Registered User

I use cardio trainer for running/cycling.
I am not sure what, if any data connection it uses. There is a mapping feature but you may be able to turn it off.
I use it on the Desire and like most other apps mentioned there is a free version available

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