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All users are to adhere to the overall guidelines. Suggested reading also includes How To Be A Better Poster and the Etiquette Guide.

If you have any complaints about the forum please contact a mod via PM or post on the Feedback board. If you have comments about the charter, they can be discussed here.

The boards wiki is currently down with no immediate plans to bring it back to life. There is a list of popular threads which might be what you are looking for.


1. Cycling Adverts

There is a dedicated subforum (Cycling Adverts) for selling bikes and cycling paraphernalia. Read its rules and use it.

2. Threads about televised racing
Spoiler tags are used hide commentary about race results from boardsies who haven't watched a race live and are waiting to catch up later in the day. If you don't know what a spoiler tag is, find out. If you break the rules on spoilers, expect severe punishment. We wait all year to follow the big races so don't ruin it by being thoughtless.

  • For non-stage-specific threads about stage races (e.g. "TdF 2011"), use spoiler tags until midnight.
  • For one-day races, expect threads to contain spoilers once the race has begun. Please endevour to use spoiler warnings in the thread title.
  • In threads about specific stages of stage races ("Paris-Nice 2010 Stage 3") or one day races don't use spoiler tags. If you haven't seen the race, don't open the thread. Don't put any information about the result, either with or without spoiler tags in the first post, since the mouse-over feature doesn't work on spoiler tags. Following feedback 8/11/14, it is now permitted to create a stage thread without spoiler tags for any future stages. This means that threads for future stages will contain spoilers for all previous or current stages
  • Don't post anything which even hints at a same-day race result in a non-stage or race specific thread before midnight. For instance: re-opening the Jens Voight thread with a link to Paris-Nice results, or creating a thread named "Vuelta stage win reported on RTE *Spoilers ahead*" which hints that an Irish rider has won.
  • If you follow the above rules, there is no need to create "contains spoilers" type threads. This is ambiguous since one person's spoiler is another persons spoiler tag.

3. Medical Advice
We appreciate the temptation to seek other peoples experiences for low level physical problems that present themselves. But no one here is in a position to physically assess and diagnose you. You risk greater harm than good. These threads will be locked.

4. Off Topic
Posts that stray off topic will be edited/deleted, depending on their relevance to the topic at hand

5. Stupidity
If you do something pretty dumb, especially after being warned, you may be banned

6. Doping
No speculation over potential doping offenders - Comment on information (including press articles) in the public domain is OK, but allegations must be verifiable with information that is in the public domain.

7. Mod Rules are final.
If you have any issue with a mod decision do not react in thread, this carries an automatic one week ban. If you feel a mod has been harsh, you can PM the mod. If the mod upholds the decision then you can start a thread in the Disputes Resolution Forum.

8. Negativity
There are lots of places on the internet where you can have a rant about cyclists. This isn't one of them. This is a place for people with an interest in cycling to discuss cycling. If you treat it as a venue for holding all cyclists to account for perceived or actual misbehaviour by some, you can expect to find your access swiftly removed. In short, we are not your punching bag. If you really do want do want an answer to your gripe, do a search. The usual topics, such as cycle lanes, cycling two abreast etc. have been discussed, ad nauseam, many, many times before

9. Event entry requests/offers
Do not start any requests in the main forum requesting or offering entries for events such as the WW200, ROK, SKT etc. Do a search in the Cycling Adverts sub-forum. If no thread has alkready been started for a particular event in a particular year you may start one. A single thread should be used for all requests and offers for each event, with priority being given to the earliest poster who is seeking an entry

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Captain Havoc Dog of war

Calendars. Feel free to edit these as ye wish for but please keep it chronological. There's tabs at the bottom for each month.

Racing Calendar.

Sportive/ Audax Calendar.

Spins Calendar. If you want to meet up with other boardsies for a spin anywhere anytime.

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le petit braquet was very open about his cancer, and brought the forum together in a way that no-one could have imagined when he decided to sell off his cycling gear in aid of cancer charities.

Unfortunately Padraig lost his fight on 15 December 2013. A condolence thread was set-up here and we paid our last respects.

However Padraig's memory will live on. The Boards Cycles against Cancer were held in Dublin on 27 October 2013, and Munster on 3 November 2013. We hope there will be similar events in the future in memory of Padraig

Padraig's MyCharity page is still active, and can be accessed here

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